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Extdata dump
AuthorMrCheeze, modified by hss2
Last Updated2015/11/16
TypeSystem Tools
[original and modified Download]

This is a homebrew tool that allows you to decrypt, edit, and then recrypt 3DS extra data. For use with Ninjhax.


Download contains an original version and a modified version that allows creating new directories, if your use case happens to require that.

User guide

When run, you'll be presented with three options (four for the modified verison):

  • Dump all extdata to sd card.
  • Dump extdata specified in config.
  • Restore extdata specified in config.

The recommended option is to dump all extdata to begin with, and browse the dumps to see what you can find.

There's a fair bit of documentation that might help you navigate the dumps over on the 3dbrew wiki.

If you want to restore an edited file (or just want to dump a single file instead of all of them), you'll have to edit config.txt. You can find few examples in the archive.

Finally, a technical note: the 3DS actually has three different types of extra data. Shared extdata is stored on the 3DS itself, and it usually relevant to multiple games (e.g. the Play Coin counter). "User" and "boss" extdata are both stored on the SD card, encrypted, and are associated with a specific game. Generally, Spotpass data goes into boss and everything else goes into user. This tool can access user and shared extdata, but boss extdata is likely impossible.


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