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Hello, all!

I'd like to make my first progress post to inform people of my first 3DS project, Fibbage3DS. What's Fibbage, you ask? It's a party game from the makers of You Don't Know Jack, where you have to bluff to fill in the blank of a weird fact! The objective is to make a lie that's convincing enough that other players would choose it, while avoiding fake answers yourself. This trailer should give you a pretty good idea of how it works.

Anyways, my 3DS implementation is based on the concept of pass and play: you pass it between players so that they can enter their lies/choose their answers without other players seeing.

It's nothing to write home about, mainly because I've been running into some major issues including:

  • Unable to play sound without crashing (I've tried pretty much everything) Sound is working as of v08.22.15!
  • Unable to play video (Glitchy as hell, never mind)
  • Lack of knowledge regarding implementing certain features
  • General noobish programming practices

Anyways, here's a short sample video of my progress, as well as an image gallery showing it running on a real 3DS (no fakery here, people! Okay, I lied. The audio in the sample video is edited in since Citra doesn't have sound emulation. But it works on a real 3DS, promise!)

If anyone with more homebrew knowledge than me could help me out with some of the issues I'm having, I'd greatly appreciate it and be sure to credit you for the assistance.

EDIT: I've attached my most current build, just since I have no reputation here and would like to change that by proving myself. ;)

Please note that sound and video is removed, since it's massively buggy at the moment. There's probably a few bugs I'm aware of, such as adding an 8th player crashing it, duplicate categories, etc. Basically only download this as a sneek peek, don't expect too much.


dF1qK6v.png IiU5ICo.png EftQgwV.png gOlPKnQ.png

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