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Author(s) edicpop
Type Utilities
Version 0.7.1
Licence Mixed
Last Updated 2017/08/28
Website Website
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Source Source

edpJoy3DS is a 3DS homebrew applications that contains 3 subprograms: a text reader, dictionary and a edpJoy client that allows you to use 3DS as a multi-plaform gamepad/controller.

In order to use the edpJoy client, it is necessary to also install and setup the server program.


  • Can open text file (eTXT) for reading or find meaning.
  • Dictionary program (eDIC).
  • Auto shutdown.
  • Record and play the button pressings.
  • Support C-Stick (can use YXBA instead of C-Stick).
  • Support Circle Pad (can use D-Pad instead of Circle Pad).
  • Can adjust response.


Available as a 3DS, CIA and 3DSX/SMDH.

  • 3DSX - Copy .3dsx and .smdh to the /3ds/edpJoy3DS071/ folder on your SD card and run it via homebrew loader.
  • CIA - Copy .cia to your SD card and install it with the CIA manager of your choice.
  • 3DS - Copy .3ds to your SD card.

User guide


  • Text reader, can look up words and read ascii file (English or Thai).
  • Touch to show the meaning.
  • Can mix words with the current word.
  • Mark/highlight the desired text with touch hold and drag. This text can be sent to eDIC search word with all.


  • Dictionary program, supports Eng-Thai, Thai-Eng and Eng-Eng (not included in the homebrew).
  • Can find the next word.
  • Meaning can be sent to eTXT finding the meaning again.
  • To use the dictionary, extract them to the sdmc:/edicpop/.


  • Client for edpJoy, allows you to use 3DS as a gamepad/keyboard to control other devices.
  • Connect via internet with TCP and UDP port 2001 (make sure rounter doesn't block TCP and UDP).
  • Support Circle Pad (can use D-Pad instead) and C-Stick (can use YXBA instead).
  • Record and play the button pressings.
  • Can adjust response.

Clients and Servers

Client Platform Version Date
edpJoy3DS Nintendo 3DS 0.7.1 2018/01/27
edpJoyDS Nintendo DS 0.7.1 2018/01/27
Server Platform Version Date
edpJoyDeb Linux-debian 0.4.3 2017/05/08
edpJoyMac Mac OS 0.4.2 2017/05/08
edpJoyWin Windows OS 0.7.0 2017/09/10
edpJoyAnd Android 0.7.0 & 0.6.0 2017/09/22
edpJoyRpiDeb Linux-debian on Raspberry Pi 0.6.0 2017/05/08

Connect to Android:

  • Control your game or application with virtual keyboard (change IME) or touch screen (require rooted).
  • Wait connection from client with TCP and UDP port 2001.
  • Can connect touch screen device (rooted) and can set 5 positions.
  • Settings can be made directly through WiFi hotspot.
    • On Android, go to Setting> more...> Portable hotspot> Configure WiFi hotspot.
    • Security select Open.

Connect to Win/Linux/Mac:

  • Wait connection from client with TCP and UDP port 2001, 2002.
  • Control windows with virtual keyboard.
  • 2 Connections (2 joysticks).
  • Can adjust turbo mode.

Manual can be found from the official website.


Win, Linux, Mac (port 2001):

Up/Down/Left/Right - w/s/a/d

Y/X - lshift/x

B/A - e/c

L/R - q/r

LZ/RZ - f/m

Select - v

Start - b

Win, Linux, Mac (port 2002):

Up/Down/Left/Right - i/k/j/l

Y/X - n/,

B/A - o/.

L/R - u/p

LZ/RZ - ;/'

Select - /

Start - rshift

Test on terminal. If work, press A (3DS) is shown the letter Z on the screen.





stardew valley (edpJoyWIN + edpJoyDS) (edicpop edp)

suvivalcraft (edpJoyAND) (edicpop edp)

edpjoyAND 0.6.2 + 3DS (edicpop edp)

Control 1 or 4 androids by edpJoyDS + edpJoy3DS (edicpop edp)

Example for flip control (edicpop edp)

edpJoyMAC061 + 3DS (edicpop edp)



  • Can choose 1 or all servers.


  • Mouse can control by gyroscope.
  • Circlepad can be defined as key.


  • Invert 3ds's controls.


  • Change level response 1-5.


  • In mouse mode, can use cstick (fix).


  • Add mouse mode and extend keys.


  • Use an accelerometer as circlepad 3 modes.
    • 1. X-axis and Y-axis.
    • 2. only X-axis.
    • 3. X-axis with Y-axis as button B A.


  • Can set the center cpad by R1.
  • Adjust the response of cpad and stick.
  • The cstick by XYBA can left rotate.


  • Fix some bugs.


  • Support cstick.
    • Can use Y,X,B,A instead cstick.
  • Support circlepad.
    • Can use UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT instead circlepad.
    • Cstick,zl, zr work on browserhax.

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