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Last Updated2020/06/01

ColorFiller is an open source homebrew recreation of FlowFree in C++ for the 3DS.


Available in 3DSX format.

User guide

Connect the 2 points with the same color, and fill the board to win.

More levels can be added by dumping the levelpack_*.txt from the assets folder of the game APK. To do so:

  • Use an apk dumper application on your phone to get the file, then open it with 7-zip or your favourite archive extractor.
  • Put the level packs you want in a levels folder in the same directory as the file, then run said file (requires Python 3.6+).
  • Copy the output file to your 3DS' SD card, at the path specified by the levels_path settings of your configuration file (the default is sd:/3ds/
  • You are now ready to play the game.

Note: Changing your levels file can invalidate your save file, so it is recommended to make backups.


Pack selection screen:

D-Pad Up/Down - Move selection

Circle Pad Up/Down - Scroll

A - Select

B - Exit

Touchscreen - All of the above

Level selection screen:

D-Pad - Move selection

L/R - Change page

A - Select

B - Go back to the pack selection screen

Touchscreen - All of above

Playing screen:

D-Pad - Move

A - Select a color to move

B - Go back to the level selection screen

X - Switch the level between scaled and scrolled if it doesn't fit in the screen

Y - Toggle between selecting the bottom or the top of a bridge, Resets level (hold for 3 seconds)

Touchscreen - All of above


colorfiller3.png colorfiller5.png

colorfiller4.png colorfiller6.png


Many thanks to the libctru, citro3d, and citro2d maintainers and contributors for the amazing libraries.

Big Duck Games for the original game, check them out and buy the extra packs. They deserve it, and playing on phone is a much better experience.

icons8 for the reset.png, go_back.png, and scale.png images in the assets folder.

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