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Game Hacks

Title Description Author
Miisona 3DS a Persona music mod for Miitopia OkazakiTheOtaku
Smash-Selector 3DS USM-eM is a new competitive mod for Smash 3DS. USM-eM team
Super Mario Bros Next - A NSMB2 Mod 3DS SMBNext: Halloween Special DX, SMBNext: Sunset Shores, and SMBNext. Gimzie?
Mario and Luigi - Superstar Saga 3DS This is a mod that replaces the BGM of M&L Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions with the original soundtrack from the GBA version. Shrinefox
TR4SH 3ds A Mod for Super Smash Bros. (3DS) JABrules
Neko Atsume - Kitty Collector 3DS English Patch. Lycanroc
USM-eM Winds Edition 3DS A Melee-oriented expansion to Smash 3DS, USM-eM team
Pokemon Ultra VICIOUS Sun and Ultra BRUTAL Moon 3DS This mod is meant to be a "Kaizo hard" rendition of USUM. AvatarMew
Yoshi new island mod 3DS Music improvement. DPS2004
Star Fox 64 3D Mod Voice Acting Restoration Mod. ThatInvaderGuy
ACNL-NTR-Cheats 3DS A combination of cheats that I've been creating with NTR. rydoginator
Majora Mask 3D Project Restoration 3DS A Majora's Mask 3D patch that restores some mechanics from the original Majora's Mask and fixes some issues to make the game even more enjoyable. leoetlino
Majora-Mask-N64-OST-to-3DS Replace 3DS OST with N64 OST DeathWrench
ACNL Reditor 3DS This tool is a WIP Rom Editor For Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Slattz
The legend of Zelda spirit tracks 3DS Forwarded, ap patched and dpad patched. 0BYK0
Mario Kart 7 - Custom Track Grand Prix 7 3DS CTGP-7 is a romhack for Mario Kart 7 adding new features to the game. PabloMK7


Title Description Author


Title Description Author
Pokemon X and Y Battle Analyzer 3DS Battle Analyzer interprets packets received by your Nintendo 3DS on the fly and gives you detailed statistics on your opponents Pokemon in real time. Fierce Waffle
PKHeX 3DS Pokemon core series save editor, programmed in C#. Kaphotics
Super Mario Maker 3DS Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS Save Editor valentinvanelslande
Mk7se 3DS Edit your mk7 savefiles right from your 3ds! hax0kartik
TerraInveditThreedee 3DS A save editor for Terraria 3ds sono
PCHex-plusplus 3DS PCHex rewritten in C++ and with a GUI Slashcash
PCHex 3DS PKHex (Pokemon save editor) in homebrew form Strackeror
SavvyManager 3DS A save manager for the Girls Mode/Style Savvy/Style Boutique games, on Nintendo 3DS RocketRobz
Chronus Arc Save Editor 3DS Save editor for Chronus Arc 3ds. rog9001
MLSSE - Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Editor 3DS This is an editor for the new 3DS release of Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga. GoobyCorp
OSM - The Open-Source Smash Mod 3DS Open Smash Mod OpenSmashMod
KMPExpander 3DS Mario Kart 7 KMP editor. mariohackandglitch