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Last Updated2022/04/03
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OpenBOR 3DS is a port of Open Beats of Rage (OpenBOR) for the 3DS.

OpenBOR is a royalty free sprite based side scrolling gaming engine for a varity of games, in particular beat em' ups and shooters. It is a continuation of the Beats Of Rage 2D game engine, which was originally created by the Senile Team.

In 2004, Senile Team released Beats of Rage, a free beat-'em-up for DOS inspired by SEGA's Streets of Rage series and using sprites from SNK Playmore's King of Fighters series. The game spread only by word of mouth, but it nonetheless amassed popularity very quickly. Senile Team soon released an edit pack allowing anyone interested to create a module for the BOR engine.

In 2005, Kirby2000 asked Senile Team to open the source code to BOR. They agreed, and OpenBOR was born. Development on the engine was continued by the community, and still is to this day.


  • Sound.
  • Animated GIF's.
  • Multiple .pak support.
  • Probably some crashes.
  • Slowdowns on Old3DS.
  • CIA and 3DSX build.


Create a folder OpenBOR on your SD card (sdmc:/3ds/OpenBOR/).

Create a Paks folder, in the OpenBOR folder.

Copy your .pak's here.

Run the 3DSX build with the Homebrew Launcher. Alternatively install and run the CIA build.

If you've been using older builds it may be required to delete the generated configuration files for the .paks, found in the saves folder (just the .cfg files).

User guide

Visit ChronoCrash if you want to find ready to play game modules, get started building one of your own or discuss OpenBOR development,

Note that depending how many .pak files you have available, it can take a while to boot OpenBOR.

Also not all .paks works in the 3DS port, as there are a lot of different versions of OpenBOR. Some .paks only work on specific versions of OpenBOR.


openbor3ds2.png openbor3ds3.png

openbor3ds4.png openbor3ds5.png

openbor3ds6.png openbor3ds7.png


openBOR Games You Need to Play (Sega Lord X)


Tested by the author on New3DS.

Also tested on Citra.

Known issues

Loading .paks to list is still slow.


v0.0.5 2022/04/03

  • Updated to build with latest devkitARM, libctru, sdl-3ds.
  • Code cleanup.
  • Reworked menu.
    • First screenshot taken will be loaded as menu preview.


  • Updated to have the initial loading time reduced. Initial load is near instant now.


  • Updated to be able to compile with the latest libctru and sdl-3ds, including:
    • Reworked controls.
    • Cleanup rendering code.
  • Reworked menu (to fit 3ds screen) WIP.

v0.0.4 2020/05/10

  • Allow the 3DS's parallax layer to be enabled using the 3d slider (.3dsx only).

v0.0.3 2019/10/31

  • Allow graceful shutdown.
  • .cia build has better compatibility with larger .pak's.

v0.0.2 2019/09/14

  • Update


Based on OpenBOR, originally by Senile Team.

It uses SDL 1.2 for 3DS by nop90.

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