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Miiverse Custom Image Tool
Last Updated2016/02/19
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Miiverse Custom Image Tool (MCIT) Making it easy to post custom images to Miiverse!

I was looking for a way to post any image I wanted on Miiverse. However, I couldn't find an easy way to do this. So I decided to make my own!

This is a custom CIA that spoofs the TitleID of the game and shows an image from the SD card. The amount of CIAs is limited since you need to rebuild it on a per-ID basis, but I tried to make it as easy-to-understand as possible!

Current version: v1.3

v1.3 has been released, making the process of posting many images a snap!

NOTE: This method of posting custom images is deprecated, and it's recommended that you use this tutorial to gain access to Miiverse's Wii U client from a PC instead. Then you can use these JavaScript bookmarklets to allow for custom images, as well as custom YouTube video embeds, in-game posts and more!

Here's the basics on how to use this:

  1. Download the CIA of the game you'd like to spoof. (Download website is linked below. Use the included build kit to make one if it doesn't exist already.)
  2. Create a folder named 'images' on your SD card. Put all your PNG images in there, and number them in the order you'd like to show them. (1.png, 2.png, 3.png, etc.) Make sure they're resized to 400x240, or 320x240 for the bottom screen. (If you're using v1.1, use image.png for the image you'd like to show.)
  3. Install the modified CIA.
  4. Run the application.
  5. You should be automatically thrown into the Home Menu. Open Miiverse.
  6. Post your custom image, or add it to your screenshot album.
  7. If you have any more images to post, reopen the application, and it will do the same with 2.png, 3.png, and etc. until it runs out of images.
  8. When all images are cycled through, the app will automatically close.

And here's a little proof of concept if you don't believe me:


Download the CIA files for this application here. For more CIAs, go back a folder. Note that the /miicustom/ CIAs are made for v1.1, and require an index.lua file. If you're upgrading from v1.1, use this index.lua file to update without installing new CIAs.

If you get banned, follow this guide! Using it, you can make infinite Miiverse accounts with ease. Here's a kit that you can use to build your own CIA for this. A quick tutorial on how to use it:


Here's the Le Miiverse Resource Wiki page for this tool. Note that I didn't write this.

Credit goes to:

That's all I have to say about this program. I hope you find it to be useful!