List of 3DS homebrew loaders

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Title Launchers

Title Description Author
The Homebrew Launcher 3DS Run homebrew on your 3DS, also known as Homebrew Menu (hbmenu for short). Smealum, GEMISIS, fincs, mtheall
Homebrew Menu 3DS The Homebrew Menu is a simple launcher menu which can be used to replace the menu on several DS flashcards. TuxSH
Weebrew Launcher 3DS An hblauncher loader alternative. weebrew
nds-bootloader 3DS Boot an nds file. TuxSH
Gateway Launcher 3DS Load 3ds games! Gateway Team
Laucher A9LH - Launcher9 3DS Launch Homebrew! kasai07
regionthree 3DS Region free cartridge loader for 3DS/3DSXL/2DS on firmware versions 4.0-9.5. smealum
regionFOUR 3DS Region free cartridge loader for 3DS/3DSXL/2DS/new3DS on firmware versions 9.0-11.3. smealum
HANS 3DS 3DS automated game enhancer! HANS (included on starter kit)! smealum
Extended Homebrew Starter Pack 3DS An extended version of Smealums 3DS homebrew starter pack. Multiple Authors
Grid launcher 3DS This fork of smealum's homebrew launcher adds many features including a grid layout. NightYoshi370
Homebrew Launcher with grid layout 3DS Homebrew Launcher with grid and folder support. (Discontinued) - No Sources Mashers
TWiLight Menu++ DSi Menu replacement for DS/DSi/3DS/2DS RocketRobz
Homebrew Menu 3DS Another GUI for nds-bootstrap ahezard
TWLoader Outdated CTR-mode app that loads .nds ROMs natively, not through emulation.
(Replaced by TWiLight Menu++)

Custom Firmwares

Title Description Author
BootNTR 3DS & NTR CFW NTR Custom Firmware and launcher. Cell9
Hemlock Grove CFW 3DS simple revision of the arm9_code.bin for a 90 percent stable CFW. bannana2
Luma3DS - 3GX Plugins Edition 3DS Noob-proof (N)3DS "Custom Firmware", with 3GX plugins support. mind-overflow
Luma3DS RosalinaMod Noob-proof (N)3DS "Custom Firmware". kasai07
Lima 3DS rxTools like toolkit + CFW! Billy Acuña
Perfect Bricking Tool CFW 3DS Palantine CFW without the redirection of NAND R/W to the SD. nop90
Pasta CFW 3DS CFW loader for both N3DS and O3DS. capito27
ReiNAND 3DS The original open source N3DS CFW! (now with O3DS support!) Reisyukaku
MiniPasta 3DS MiniPasta CFW by Team Pasta. d0k3
Cosmo3DS A stripped down version of AuReiNand. yifanlu
SaltFW 3DS Slim Alternative Firmware for 3DS! Shadowhand
Corbenik 3DS Corbenik is another CFW for the 3DS. chaoskagami
ShadowNAND 3DS CFW in your NAND. Shadowhand
Puma3 3DS Another Customer Firmware For 3DS! rboninsegna
CakesFW 3DS A CFW for the 3DS. mid-kid
Rei-Six 3DS Minimalist (N)3DS Custom Firmware (Discontinued). CrimsonMaple
Luma3DS Noob-proof (N)3DS "Custom Firmware". AuroraWright


Title Description Author
salt_sploit_installer 3DS sploit_installer: SALT edition MrNbaYoh
basehaxx_sploit_installer 3DS The basehaxx exploit installer. MrNbaYoh
painthax 3DS A PixelPaint secondary homebrew exploit for the Nintendo 3DS MrNbaYoh
doodlebomb_installer 3DS A 3DS userland exploit for Swapdoodle installer. MrNbaYoh
doodlebomb 3DS A 3DS userland exploit for Swapdoodle. MrNbaYoh
ninjhax2.x 3DS source code for 3DS hax 2.x payloads MrNbaYoh 3DS DSI cfw guide. MrNbaYoh 3DS Mrnbayoh's website. MrNbaYoh
cecd-lazypixie 3DS Kernelhax (LazyPixie) ropchain for cecdhax. MrNbaYoh
kernelhaxcode-mrnbayoh 3DS Code meant to be used as a submodule that, given a kernel exploit, sets up the rest of the chain and ultimately executes an Arm9 payload in a clean environment. MrNbaYoh
safecerthax-server 3DS Nintendo 3DS browsers update check bypass based on SSLoth (firmware versions <= 11.13) MrNbaYoh
safecerthax-proxy 3DS mitmproxy script for safecerthax MrNbaYoh
trailerhax 3DS SSLoth-based remote code execution exploit for the 3DS eShop application. MrNbaYoh
3ds-ssloth 3DS SSL/TLS certificates verification bypass on Nintendo 3DS (<= 11.13) MrNbaYoh
safecerthax-website 3DS Website of safecerthax MrNbaYoh
safecerthax 3DS Remote ARM9 & ARM11 kernel exploit for the Original Nintendo 3DS SAFE_FIRM (O3DS-only) based on SSLoth. MrNbaYoh
browserhax_fright 3DS libstagefright exploits for the Nintendo New3DS Internet Browser. yellows8
3ds_webkithax 3DS WebKit haxx yellows8
3ds-totalcontrolhaxx Nintendo 3DS totalcontrolhaxx for <=v9.2. yellows8
ctr-dsiwaretool 3DS 3DS tool for processing the DSiWare-exports footer. yellows8
browserhax_site 3DS Source for the 3DS browserhax site. yellows8
stickerhax 3DS Nintendo 3DS savedata exploit for "Paper Mario: Sticker Star". yellows8
3ds_browserhax_common ROP-chain-generator for Nintendo 3DS titles with some form of web-browser. yellows8
3ds_ropkit 3DS Common codebase for userland application ROP with Nintendo 3DS. yellows8
ctpkpwn 3DS Nintendo 3DS exploit for CTRSDK CTPK. yellows8
hblauncher_loader 3DS 3DS NCCH application for booting the *hax payloads. yellows8
3dshax 3DS Nintendo 3DS modded-FIRM("CFW"). yellows8
DSi exploits 3DS Team Twiizers DSi exploits. yellows8
3ds_smashbroshax 3DS wifi beaconhax for Super Smash Bros. yellows8
Safe A9LH Installer 3DS A noob-proof ARM9LoaderHax installer/updater/uninstaller for 3DS TuxSH
arm9loaderhax 3DS 3DS ARM9 code execution at boot TuxSH
CakeHax 3DS Open source ARM9 payload loader for Nintendo 3DS TuxSH
LazyPixie 3DS An arbitrary write kernel exploit in PXI buffer descriptor handling code. TuxSH
LazyPixie-safehax 3DS With Arm11->Arm9 privilege escalation code. TuxSH
unSAFE MODE 3DS 3DS userland secondary exploit for SAFE_MODE system updater. It's actually a pretty safe hax ( ?� ?? ?�). TuxSH
kernelhaxcode 3DS Code meant to be used as a submodule that, given a kernel exploit, sets up the rest of the chain and ultimately executes an Arm9 payload in a clean environment. TuxSH
universal-otherapp 3DS Userland -> Kernel11 -> Arm9 otherapp for 3DS system versions 1.0 to <= 11.14


SSLoth 3DS SSL/TLS certificates verification bypass on Nintendo 3DS (<= 11.13) MrNbaYoh
kartdlphax 3DS kartdlphax is a semiprimary exploit for the download play mode of Mario Kart 7. mariohackandglitch
new-browserhax-XL 3DS New-browserhax-XL is another primary userland exploit for the new3ds browser. zoogie
new-browserhax 3DS Exploit via using browser. zoogie
Fredtool 3DS FRogminer seEDminer. zoogie
Sploit installer 3DS Old exploit installer. smealum
ctr-httpwn 3DS Userland-only exploit for the 3DS HTTP-sysmodule. yellows8
Salt sploit installer 3DS 3DS userland exploits developed by the SALT team. SALT Team
Steelhax Installer 3DS A Steeldiver Subwars secondary entrypoint. VeRoXass
DSiWarehax Installer 3DS Installing DSiWare savedata exploits! yellows8
squirrelboot 3DS Launch the free squirrel dsiware on jpn systems. zoogie
NTRAssistant 3DS A One Click Installer for All NTR Hacks/Mods Red
Ugopwn 3DS An exploit for your 3ds. shutterbug2000
Easy Sudoku-Sudokuhax Installer 3DS This tool is simple: it will install Sudoku on your DSi (or emulated DSi). dpad_5678
Steelminer 3DS Use Steel Diver: Sub Wars to hack 3ds. zoogie
Unlaunch-dsi 3DS Unlaunch.dsi bootcode exploit Nocash
menuhax 3DS Obsolete Nintendo 3DS Home Menu haxx, aka menuhax. yellows8
ironhax installer 3DS Install the ironhax exploit. No longer works with the latest version of Ironfall. smealum
safehax 3DS My implementation of safefirmhax: TiniVi
oot3dhax 3DS 3DS OoT3D savegame haxx yellows8
rpwng 3DS Kind of primary exploit for RPG Maker Player on Nintendo 3DS MrNbaYoh
Basehaxx 3DS A Pokémon ORAS homebrew savegame exploit. MrNbaYoh
Notehax 3DS Notehax is a 3ds userland exploit for Flipnote Studio. MrNbaYoh
Soundhax 3DS Free 3DS Primary Entrypoint <= 11.3 nedwill
ninjhax2-x 3DS source code for 3DS hax 2.x payloads smealum
svchax 3DS ARM11 kernel exploit. aliaspider
BrahmaLoader 3DS Brahma - Privilege elevation exploit for Nintendo 3DS d0k3
RPwnG 2 3DS RPwnG 2 - RPwnG strikes back! RPwnG 2 is a 3ds userland exploit for RPG Maker Player. mrnbayoh
Frogminer 3DS Hax your 3DS with a cute little froggy -- for free! Gero! zoogie
bannerbomb3 3DS 3DS Userland Exploit for System Settings. zoogie
The Homebrew Launcher - Smea 3DS Run homebrew on your 3DS! This is an Older Version smea