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Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
3DS Homebrew Menu Official Ninjhax Homebrew Launcher. Title Launchers 1.1.0 smealum 2016/01/21
BootNTR & NTR CFW NTR Custom Firmware and launcher. Custom Firmwares 3.2 & 3.6 cell9 (44670) 2017/07/28
BootNTR Selector A BootNTR which will allows you to choose the version of NTR you want to load. Custom Firmwares 2.13.6 Nanquitas 2022/06/11
CakesFW A CFW for the 3DS. Patches can be individually enabled. Custom Firmwares 202 mid-kid, b1l1s 2017/10/15
Corbenik Advanced CFW inspired by CakesFW. Mainly intended for developers. Custom Firmwares 0.3.1 chaoskagami 2017/03/28
Cosmo3DS Stripped-down version of AuReiNAND that only loads FIRM and emuNAND. Custom Firmwares 0.5 yifanlu 2016/05/12
Gateway 3DS Load 3DS games with Gateway flashcard. Custom Firmwares 4.2b Gateway Team 2016/09/22
HANS Loads games with patches to allow for region free, ROM hacks and screenshots. Title Launchers 2016 smealum 2016/12/24
Hemlock Grove CFW Modified from Palantine to add better boot success rate. Boots emuNAND. Custom Firmwares 2015 bannana2 2015/04/11
Homebrew Launcher Loader 3DS NCCH application for booting the *hax payloads. Title Launchers 1.3 yellows8 2017/02/11
Homebrew Launcher with grid layout Homebrew Launcher with grid layout (discontinued). Title Launchers Beta 1 Mashers 2015/12/05
Laucher A9LH Boot manager (A9LH). Title Launchers Launcher9_24_10 kasai07 2016/10/24
Luma3DS - Timelock This custom Luma3DS build adds a new feature to Rosalina: locking the console after a certain time with a PIN code. Inputting it will reset the timer. Custom Firmwares 10.3 with Timelock valx76 2022/03/22
Luma3DS - 3GX Loader Edition Fork of Luma3DS that supports plugins. Custom Firmwares 11.0 Nanquitas 2022/06/12
Luma3DS Noob-proof (N)3DS Custom Firmware. Custom Firmwares 11.0 LumaTeam 2022/06/05
MiniPasta Minimalistic 3DS CFW based on Pasta CFW. Custom Firmwares 1 Team Pasta 2016/02/19
Palantine CFW Mod of RedNAND. Boots emuNAND. Custom Firmwares 1.1 palantine 2014/11/03
Pasta CFW Only patches signature checks via Cubic Ninja on 4.0-9.2. Boots to sysNAND. Custom Firmwares 1.3.1-beta7 capito27 2015/06/21
Perfect Bricking Tool CFW Palantine CFW without the redirection of NAND R/W to the SD. Custom Firmwares 2015 nop90 2015/03/07
regionFOUR Region free cartridge loader for 3DS/3DSXL/2DS/new3DS on firmware versions 9.0-11.3. Title Launchers 2015 smealum 2015/07/27
regionthree Region free cartridge loader for 3DS/3DSXL/2DS on firmware versions 4.0-9.5. Title Launchers 2015 smealum 2015/03/03
Rei-Six Fork of ReiNand CFW (Discontinued). Custom Firmwares 1.2.1 CrimsonMaple 2018/07/31
ReiNAND Popular CFW originally for New 3DS, now supports Old 3DS aswell. Custom Firmwares 5.1 Reisyukaku 2017/03/15
SaltFW Slim Alternate FW. Fork of Luma3DS with reduced features to make it more lightweight. Custom Firmwares 3.1 Shadowhand 2016/06/27
ShadowNAND CFW on your NAND (A9LH). Custom Firmwares 0.85 Shadowhand 2016/06/30
The Homebrew Launcher Run homebrew on your 3DS, also known as Homebrew Menu (hbmenu for short). Title Launchers 2.4.0 Many people 2022/06/05
TWLoader CTR-mode app that loads .nds ROMs natively, not through emulation (discontinued). Title Launchers 6.7.0 Robz8 2018/06/19
Luma with Night/Light and Quick-Switchers Luma3DS v10.3 with Night/Light and Quick-Switchers. Custom Firmwares 20220324 Nutez 2022/03/24
Weebrew Launcher A re-skin of both the homebrew launcher and the homebrew launcher loader. Title Launchers 2.0 weebrew 2018/07/21

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