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Kurok 3DS
Last Updated2017/09/24

Kurok is a Quake mod originally made by MDave and released for the PSP. Based on a modified Quake engine port, Kurok is a first person shooter inspired by Turok and Goldeneye on the N64. The game has a modern setting and fictional aspects, including some environments, and the addition of dinosaurs. It also features a full (voiced) singleplayer campaign, online multiplayer and offline multiplayer with bots including deathmatch and cooperative gamemodes.

This 3DS port is made by yerWizard based on Kurok v0.4. The menus and UI were modified, along with multiple bugfixes to make it playable on the 3DS.


Download ctrQuake and put the ctrQuake folder to the 3ds folder on your SD card.

The shareware episode is included, to play the full game, you must copy pak1.pak from your copy of the game to the id1 folder.

Copy the Kurok3DS folder to the 3ds folder on your SD card.

Go into the Kurok3DS folder, then move the Kurok folder to /3ds/ctrQuake/.

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You play as Kurok, the long lost brother to someone else that resembles his name, and he wants revenge on the people that have invaded his land, setup base and infested it with dinosaurs. He sets off on his journey with his trusty second hand Tekbow he bought off ebay, and his hunting knife to discover the secrets and true intentions of the military operations that have taken over.

The main objective of the single player/co-op game is to get through to the end of the levels, completing objectives and defeating anything that stands in your way.

There are 10 weapons which you can use, some with secondary functions. You can run, jump, swim, climb his way through the varied environments such as water filled canyons, underground lava caverns, and army bunkers, labrotories and even lavatories.


  • Hunting Knife - Deadly up close, and is the best weapon to use to sneak up on someone for a quick stealth kill.
  • Bow - Last resort for long range combat, but not to be underestimated. Secondary mode fires explosive arrows, requires missile ammo.
  • Desert Eagle - Semi automatic handgun with great accuracy, uses 8 clip magazines.
  • Shotgun - Designed for close quarters combat, wide spread and a loud weapon. Secondary mode fires explosive shells.
  • AK 101 - A close to mid range rifle, modest accuracy, each round packs the same punch as a desert eagle's.
  • Uzi - A fast firing automatic, holds a 32 magazine clip. Accuracy is slighty worse then the rifle.
  • Minigun - Packs power, fastest gun with rounds per second, accuracy same as the uzi. No need to reload. Requires initial barrel charging, unless the barrels are pre-charged with the secondary function.
  • Grenade Launcher - Fires powerful missiles that can bounce around corners, before detonating a powerful explosion. Secondary mode shoots slow moving missile powered plasma energy balls.
  • Rocket Launcher - Your average no-nonsense rocket launcher, shoots missiles in straight lines. Slower firing rate then the grenade launcher. Secondary mode turns on laser guided missile mode.
  • Remote Mines - Mines that are thrown and can stick to almost any surface, including your enemies. Secondary mode detonates them.


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Known issues

The Entrance Start map from the Kurok Hub Episode crashes while playing Multiplayer (see discussion).

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