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Last Updated2017/02/08
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CTRXplorer is an open source SD file manager for the 3DS. Its design is based around the UI functions of the ctrcommon library by Steveice10. So, if you have been a FBI user in the past, it may look familiar to you. It's goal is to be a simple, functional tool for managing your files without any unneeded bloat.

Note from developer:

This is a fully capable file manager, and as such per definition a powerful tool. While its implementation tries to prevent you from accidental/reckless acts, it still assumes you know what you're doing. For example, nothing (except from a quick confirmation prompt) will prevent you from just deleting the Nintendo 3DS folder. While being thoroughly tested and in daily use by a number of users, please understand that the homebrew is not entirely bug-free and use it responsibly.


  • Delete single/mulitple files.
  • Rename files.
  • Copy single/multiple files.
  • Move single/multiple files.
  • Create directories.
  • Generate dummy files.
  • Display and edit files in a hex viewer.
  • Display files in a text viewer.



Available in CIA, 3DS and 3DSX formats.

  • 3DSX - Copy the CTRXplorer folder to the 3ds folder on your SD card and launch it via Homebrew Launcher.
  • CIA - Copy .cia to your SD card and install it with the CIA manager of your choice.
  • 3DS - Copy .3ds to your SD card.


Requires devkitARM and citrus to build. On Windows you will also need info-zip in your PATH.

User guide


Q. Why is copying files so slow?

The 3DS internal hardware doesn't allow for more speed.

Q. Why can't I receive/manage files via network?

ftBrony offers exactly that and it is unlikely that CTRXplorer will ever get any network functionality.

Q. Why can't I view videos and images and/or listen to audio?

An internal media player goes beyond the scope of CTRXplorer, which has the goal to be just a simple, no-bloat file manager.

If you absolutely must have media play capabilities, it is suggested to take a look at Sunshell.


X - (tap) Delete files, (hold) Rename files

Y - (tap) Copy files, (hold) Move files

R - (tap) Create directories, (hold) Generate dummy files

A - (tap) Display/edit files in hex viewer, (hold) Display files in text viewer


ctrxplorer3.png ctrxplorer4.png

ctrxplorer5.png ctrxplorer6.png


3DS Homebrew: CTRXplorer [Deutsch|HD] (Flashcardsinfo)

Known issues

Please see reported issues.


v0.9.8.1 2017/02/08

  • Virtual keyboard available for string mode editing in hex editor.

v0.9.8 2017/01/30

  • String mode editing enabled in hex editor.
  • New logo animation thanks to PabloMK7.

v0.9.7 2016/07/07

  • Implemented touchscreen keyboard for various string inputs.
  • New flashy banner sound thanks to Krude.
  • Compatible with most recent citrus & libctru.
  • Various smaller fixes and improvements.

v0.9.6 2016/04/06

  • Fixed text viewer crashing issues.
  • Enabled case sensitive rename.
  • Directory loading speed increased.
  • Changes for latest citrus & buildtools.

v0.9.5 2016/02/26

  • Keep clipboard contents when copying files/folders.
  • Allow overwriting existing files/folders when renaming.
  • Improved the overwrite confirm dialog for moving/copying.

v0.9.4 2016/02/11

  • Existing files can now be overwritten by user choice when copying/moving/generating dummy files.

v0.9.3 2016/02/09

  • Hex viewer now allows searching for strings/data.
  • Hex viewer now has a fast scroll mode.
  • New hexedit mode, allowing to remove/edit/insert data.
  • Now includes a basic text viewer.
  • Position bars indicate current position in file browser/hex viewer/hex editor/text viewer.
  • Tons of minor improvements and bugfixes.

v0.8.9 2016/01/24

  • Migrated everything to citrus.
  • Some source code optimizations and reorganizations.
  • Compiled with latest Citrus & CTRUlib.

v0.8.8 2016/01/21

  • Compiled with latest CTRcommon & CTRUlib.
  • This should solve any issues with *hax 2.5.

v0.8.7 2015/10/10

  • Compiled with latest CTRcommon & CTRUlib.
  • Ninjhax v2.1 compatibility.

v0.8.6 2015/09/13

  • Updated to latest CTRcommon library.
  • Properly exit to launcher on Ninjhax 2.0/Tubehax/Ironhax.

v0.8.5 2015/06/19

  • Added a hex viewer (use Button A on regular files).

v0.8.0 2015/06/11

  • Revised control scheme based on tap (t) and hold (h) actions.
  • Improvements to file copy speed.
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes.

v0.7.3 2015/06/07

  • First public release version with more still to come up.


Screenshots were provided by ihaveamac. Thank you.

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