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Last Updated2017/08/20
LicenseMIT License

sf2dlib is a simple abstraction layer over citro3d with extra functions over citro3d to make displaying simple shapes and 2d sprites easy. As long as you are not drawing millions of shapes/sprites, this library should be able to fit your use case. If you are seeking to squeeze all of the power out of your 3ds and have full control over the GPU then sf2dlib will probably not fit your use case and you should use citro3d instead. Note that there is a small overhead in using sf2dlib over citro3d, but it is negligible as long as you aren't rendering too much in a single frame.

This is based on xerpi's sf2dlib, making it more consistent with citro3d while also adding new functions and improvements. See the sample to see the new code flow.

Note: This library is deprecated. Please consider using citro3d directly instead.


Download the library or git clone it from GitHub.

Open a command prompt/terminal and cd to the libsf2d folder.

Run the commands make and make install.

User gude

Please refer to the original documentation.

API Changes

Function Change
sf2d_start_render() Newly added, use instead of sf2d_start_frame.
sf2d_start_frame(screen, side) Removed, sf2d_set_render_screen(screen, side) replaces it.
sf2d_end_frame() Removed, sf2d_end_render() replaces it.
sf2d_swapbuffers() Removed, sf2d_end_render() replaces it.
sf2d_draw_quad_uv_current(...) Removed, use Batch functions instead.
sf2d_draw_quad_uv(...) Removed, use Batch functions isntead.
sf2d_draw_quad_uv_blend(...) Removed, use Batch functions isntead.

Added Features

  • Support for Sprite Batching to improve efficiency of drawing many sprites using the same texture see Batching Sample.
  • Ability to set framerate limit via sf2d_set_fps(float fps)


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