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AuthorMatthew Rease (Magicrafter13)
Last Updated2017/11/04
TypeArcade Games
VersionBeta 1.7.2

Breakout is a simple Breakout clone for the 3DS. Breakout is an arcade game developed and published by Atari, Inc., and released on May 13, 1976. It was conceptualized by Nolan Bushnell and Steve Bristow, influenced by the seminal 1972 Atari arcade game Pong, and built by Steve Wozniak, aided by Steve Jobs.

Note: The homebrew is no longer maintained and developer has moved onto the new project Breakout Redux.


Available in 3DSX and CIA formats.

  • 3DSX - Copy .3dsx and .smdh into the /3ds/Breakout/ folder of your SD card then launch with Homebrew Launcher.
  • CIA - Copy .cia to your SD card and install it with the CIA manager of your choice.

User guide

Using a single ball, you must knock down as many bricks as possible by using the walls and/or the paddle below to ricochet the ball against the bricks and eliminate them.

You can have up to 3 saved levels.

Beat the levels in the game to find the small easter egg.


In game:

D-Pad or Joystick - Move left/right

A - Launch ball (when ball attached), Shoot laser (if you acquired power up)

Y - Open Level editor

Select - Start game, Return to title

Start - Exit

Level Editor:

D-Pad or Joystick - Move cursor

L/R - Switch brick type

X - Save level layout

B or Start - Return to title (to see level layout number code)

Y - Randomize brick layout

Select - Play your level


breakoutmag2.png breakoutmag3.png


Beta 1.7.2 2017/11/04

  • Updated textures and added animations.

Beta 1.7.1 2017/11/01

  • Updated some textures, that's literally it.

Beta 1.7.0 2017/10/30

  • Powerups are now a thing (not just conceptually they are actually in-game).
  • You can now have 3 saved levels.

Beta 1.6.1 2017/10/18

  • You can now save your custom level and play it.
  • Fixed minor (but annoying) audio bug.

Beta 1.6.0 2017/10/17

  • 2 New levels.
  • Improved Engine (many minor improvements to the code).
  • Level editor *added (press Y at title screen).

Beta 1.5.0 2017/10/14

  • New Graphics.
  • Sound Effects.

Beta 1.4.2 2017/10/12

  • Fixed minor bug where after beating the game, if started again, the paddle would not return to it's starting position, thus miss aligning the ball.

Beta 1.4.1 2017/10/10

  • CIA now has all the proper workings.

Beta 1.4.0 2017/10/09

  • Small improvements to the ISHUPE Engine.
  • Level will now increase when all bricks destroyed.
    • Small easter egg if you beat both levels currently in the game.
  • Now the title screen actually tells you what to push to start the game.
  • Lives are now displayed on the bottom screen.
  • Credits added to the game.

Beta 1.3.1 2017/10/08

  • Quick Fix. Didn't realize hadn't yet made the paddle's position reset.

Revision history.


Thanks to:

  • Smealum for libctru.
  • Bernardogiordano for pp2d.
  • Jared for testing the games.


  • ethnocen.ttf which was "borrowed" from Microsoft.
  • hb_default.cwav which was "borrowed" from Smealum for cia files.
  • xDimebagx for some Sounds.

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