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QR Web Installer
Last Updated2016/03/21
TypeSystem Tools

QR Web Loader is a homebrew application that allows you to download and install 3DS .cia files at the same time.

It will download and install whatever file you make a QR code link for. You can make QR codes from CTRLQ.org or any other site or phone app that produces standard QR codes.

Note: Deprecated. FBI >= 2.2.1 can now handle QR installs natively.


Install the .cia with a CIA manager of your choice.

If you have a previous version of QR Web Loader, you can upgrade by scanning this QR block with the old version.

User guide

Point CAM1 (rear facing, right side) at a QR code containing the URL of the .cia you would like to install.

Usually about 9" away works well for a QR of normal size, but your device may differ.

The QR code must contain only the URL, which must be accessible via a standard HTTP or HTTPS GET.

Github release file links work as expected, as will any other website where you can get a direct link to the file that doesn't go through a splash page that requires javascript.

Direct download and install from Mega.nz is now also supported, just make a QR code with a direct .cia file link. Support for folders isn't yet implemented.



  • Big codebase refactor.
  • The ability to expand support to additional file sharing services.
  • Mega.nz support.


  • Video is now displayed from the camera, with a simple feedback when locating a QR code.
  • Error handling has been cleaned up to avoid freezing.
  • TitleId is checked to ensure it is a 3DS .cia file.


  • Starting with this release, https:// support is fully functional.
  • All future versions will require at least 0.6.1 installed to upgrade via QR scan, it no longer links to my own private server to avoid SSL.


  • This version introduces a fully functional self update using Web-Updater (auto installed if missing).

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