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Title Version Description Author Last updated
Dungeons of Daggorath 1.1 3DS port of one of Dungeons of Daggorath. Darkweb 2020/06/05
OpenBOR 2021 This is Open Beats of Rage (OpenBOR) for 3DS. MrHuu 2021/05/19
Hydra Castle Labyrinth 2018 Port of the PC indie game of the same name. Anonymous 2018/11/12
Jezzball v0.3 Port of Jezzball for the Nintendo 3DS based on JezzballDS. Akdul 2015/05/10
JFShadowWarrior v0.0.3 Port of the 3D Realms game "Shadow Warrior". MrHuu 2021/09/06
KillerMan - Ghost Buster 1.02 Clone of the battles in the MegaMan Battle Network series. Greiga Master 2015/10/12
Metroid II 03/24/2016 Tech Demo for Metroid 2. jbr373 2016/04/07
Maze of Galious v1.0 Maze of Galious! nop90 2017/04/25
Meritous v1.4.1 Far below the surface of the planet is a secret. A place of limitless power. nop90 2017/08/19
OpenTyrian v1.1 OpenTyrian is a port of the DOS shoot-em-up Tyrian. nop90 2017/03/11
Portal3DS Alpha An adaptation of Portal for the 3DS. smea 2015/08/18
RE3 wip GTA 3 port for 3ds. AJM 2021/04/01
Xrick v1.0 Way before Lara Croft, back in the 1980's and early 1990's, Rick Dangerous was the Indiana Jones of computer games! nop90 2017/03/10
Berks 2021 Remake of a classic Commodore 16/Plus4 game. WLS 2021/11/06
Aardvark 2021 Recreation of a classic Commodore 16/Plus4 game. WLS 2021/11/24
Bubble Trouble 2021 Recreation of a classic Commodore 16/Plus4 game. WLS 2021/11/01
Cuthbert in the Cooler 2021 Remake of a classic Commodore 16/Plus4 game. WLS 2021/11/13
G-Man 2021 Recreation of a classic Commodore 16/Plus4 game. WLS 2021/05/21
Gun Law 2021 Remake of a classic Commodore 16/Plus4 game. WLS 2021/12/03
Lunar Docking 2021 Recreation of a classic Commodore 16/Plus4 game. WLS 2021/12/30
Mission Mars 2021 Recreation of classic Commodore 16/Plus4 game. WLS 2022/01/12
Panik16 2021 Remake of a classic Commodore 16/Plus4 game. WLS 2021/05/18
Pogo Pete 2021 A reinterpretation of a classic Commodore 16/Plus4 game. WLS 2021/11/27
Rig Attack 2021 Remake of a classic Commodore 16/Plus4 game. WLS 2021/07/01
Robin to the Rescue 2021 Remake of a classic Commodore 16/Plus4 game. WLS 2022/01/09
Skelby 2021 Remake of a classic Commodore 16/Plus4 game. WLS 2021/12/27
The Farm 2021 An original game inspired by the Roswell incident. WLS 2021/07/15
Wizard of Wor 2021 Recreation of a classic Commodore 64 game. WLS 2021/12/15


Title Version Description Author Last updated
OpenLara 2020 Tomb Raider 1 Port. XProger 2020/11/10
OpenHCL v2020.10.27 Hydra Castle Labyrinth port. JeffRuLz 2020/10/28
Plumbers Don't Wear Ties 3DS v0.2 SDL2 implementation of the PC version of Plumber's Don't Wear Ties. MaikelChan 2022/01/11
Treasure Island 2021 A classic Commodore 16/Plus4 game rewritten on Nintendo's Gameboy handheld console. WLS 2021/03/27
Pokémon Seafoam v1.0 An original Pokémon fan game. Ekat 2021/08/10
Minicraft3DS by Enovale v1.6.2 Another Minicraft3DS Port For 3DS that brings new features. ElijahZAwesome (Enovale) 2018/02/09
JNKPlat 2018 20181002 JNKPlat 2018 for 3DS Homebrew. Jayenkai 2018/11/10
Minicraft - 3DS Homebrew Edition v1.0 3DS port of the game Minicraft. DavidSM64 2015/12/29
Craftus Reloaded v0.3 A second attempt at a homebrew Minecraft clone for 3DS RSDuck 2020/11/18
Colossal Cave Adventure v1.1 No description, website, or topics provided. nop90 2018/02/23
Minicraft3DS - The Multiplayer Update v1.5.2 Mod of DavidSM64's Minicraft 3DS Homebrew Edition with multiplayer option. andre111 2018/02/08
Ghost Town 2021 Remake of a classic Commodore 16/Plus4 game. WLS 2021/04/03


Title Version Description Author Last updated
Dzzee v1.2 A well-rounded game that makes you dizzy. thp 2021/10/15
3DSPong 2014 3DSPong nop90 2014/10/26
3DS-Pong 2014 A Two player Pong game. shinyquagsire23 2014/11/30
3Dfrogr 2014 Frogger clone. Tybus 2014/08/20
3DSnake by Joshtech 0.6.2 Snake game. Joshtech 2014/12/01
3DSnake by CKlidify unknown Snake game, built with LovePotion. CKlidify 2015/10/20
3DS Breakout v3 Breakout/Brick Breaker sloppy clone for 3DS using LovePotion. Jwiz33 2015/12/27
Asteroids-3D v.0.5.1 Asteroids clone in real 3D. Rinnegatamante 2015/11/10
BallEsca 1 Avoid the red dots which spawn randomly on the screen. cynosura15 2018/04/22
Breakout3DS unknown Arkanoid clone. CalebDW 2018/01/01
BubblePop 2.2 Pop all the bubbles that appear on the screen. cynosura15 2016/09/08
Breakout Clone Beta 1.7.2 A simple Breakout clone for the 3DS. Magicrafter13 2017/11/04
Brick Breaker 3D v1 Breakout clone. FUK-Team 2017/07/28
Evolution_Sav3D_Me 1.1 Play as a monkey who needs to dodge lasers and eat bananas. Manurocker95 2017/08/23
FlabbyBird3DS v1.1.0 Flappy Bird clone. DomRe 2016/02/16
Flappy Pixel 1.1 Flappy Bird clone where you control a pixel. ll0rT 2015/05/26
Gnop unknown Pong clone. Jwiz33 2015/10/28
Helii v1.1 Homebrew port of Helii to the Nintendo 3DS. BHSPitMonkey 2015/09/18
LovePong3DS 1.1 Pong clone, built with LovePotion Framework. iKlikla 2015/10/14
Njam3ds v1.0alpha A pacman-like game. nop90 2016/08/14
Pong 3DS by AntonioND v1.0.2 A pong with stereoscopic 3D. AntonioND 2015/02/21
Pong3D v1.0.2 A two player pong clone. Snailface 2015/02/21
QuickiePong 0.1 A Pong clone (single player?). Lectem 2014/11/23
Retrobattle v1.0 Retrobattle is made to look and feel like the classic arcade-style NES games, such as Ice Climber and Clu Clu Land. nop90 2016/09/15
spaceinvaders unknown A Space invaders game. jasonmbrown 2014/12/06
Turtle - Invaders v1.0.2 Space invaders clone. TurtleP 2016/06/30
The Real Snake v2.0b Snake game. MichiS97 2015/10/12
Whack Mania 10/4/2016 3D Whack-a-mole game. Zalo 2015/08/13


Title Version Description Author Last updated
3DVier 0.1.0 A Connect-Four clone for Nintendo 3DS. Universal Team 2020/05/18
Ludo3DS 0.4.0 A Ludo clone for the Nintendo 3DS. SuperSaiyajinStackZ 2021/01/25
3DSudoku v1.0 Sudoku game for 3DS. rinnegatamante 2015/12/08
3DS Tic Tac Toe unknown Tic Tac Toe game for 3DS. AlbertoSONIC 2018/09/06
4Rows 1.1 Four in a row/Connect4 game for 3DS. Rinnegatamante 2015/03/19
Checkers v180815 A checkers game in glorious ASCII. Kevoot 2018/04/07
HexIsoPath v1.1.0 A 3DS port of the Hexagonal Iso-Path board game by youtuber pocket83! LiquidFenrir 2018/01/02
Reversi - Othello v1.1 Reversi for the 3DS. MrJPGames 2016/03/06
SDLLopan v1.0 a simple Mahjong game. nop90 2018/01/31


Title Version Description Author Last updated
3DSEins v0.2.0 Uno but for 3DS. Universal-Team 2020/06/20
3DSZwei v0.2.0 3DZwei is a memory cardgame clone for Nintendo 3DS. Universal-Team 2020/07/27
3DS Briscola v1.0 Briscola card game. Port of PSPBriscola in Lua. Rinnegatamante 2016/04/01
Blackjack 3DS 0.4 Blackjack/Twenty-one game. keanutah 2015/12/15

Game engine

Title Version Description Author Last updated
Godot Engine 2021 Godot Engine for 3DS Homebrew (WIP). Cruel, sketchedgrey 2021/09/11
Headcannon Game Engine 2014 Multi plateforms 2D Game engine creator and player ported to 3DS. HCStealth 2014/12/08
Lua-RayCast3D 0.1 Game engine for Lua, based on the Ray casting technique. Rinnegatamante 2015/12/31
MegaZeux v2.92f A port of the MegaZeux GCS to the 3DS. MegaZeux developers 2020/11/22
Lua Player Plus r5 The first Lua interpreter 3DS homebrew, under Lua 5.3.1, also known as lpp-3ds. Rinnegatamante 2016/02/28
EasyRPG Player 0.7.0 RPG Maker 2000/2003 interpreter. Rinnegatamante, EasyRPG Team 2021/10/29
ctruLua V1.0 A Lua interpreter for 3DS, brought to life by the remnants of the Lua community. Firew0lf, Reuh, Negi 2016/11/27
Love Potion v2.2.0 The unofficial port of LOVE for Nintendo 3DS. TurtleP 2021/12/25


Title Version Description Author Last updated
3DS Piano unknown A simple 3DS Piano Homebrew. Agent Moose 2014/12/27
Beat Rush v1.0-rc3 A simple 3DS homebrew rhythm game inspired by Muse Dash. skneko 2021/05/11
osu3DS WIP A (homebrew) port of osu! to the Nintendo 3DS. Cyuubi 2020/12/01
TJAPlayer V1.2.0 This is a music game of the TJA file used by Taiko Jiro on 3DS. Togetoge 2021/07/25
TriaAl v1.0 Clone of Deemo. Rinnegatamante 2015/09/01


Title Version Description Author Last updated
Goodboy Galaxy: Chapter Zero 1.0.6 Single planet demo of an exploration platform game for Game Boy Advance. Rik Nicol, Jeremy Clarke 2021/12/19
Amphetamine 0.1 A cool Jump'n Run game ported to 3DS. nop90 2017/07/05
Abbaye Des Morts 3DS 1.0 Port to 3ds of the freeware game Abbaye des morts. nop90 2017/08/18
Super Mario War 3DS 0.1 Port of the fan game Super Mario War to 3DS. nop90 2017/07/27
Sonic CD 2011 v1.32 A port of the Sonic CD 2011 decompilation to the 3DS. SaturnSH2x2 2021/08/20
Sonic 1 and 2 v1.1.1.2 Sonic 1 & 2 (2013) New 3DS port. JeffRuLz 2021/02/13
Super Mario 64 unknown Super Mario 64 3DS Port. sm64-port 2020/08/04
ccleste 1.4.0 Celeste's PICO-8 version ported to the 3DS. lemon32767 2021/11/24
OpenTitus 27-12-2018 Port of OpenTitus for 3DS. MrHuu 2018/12/27
Micro Clampett 20180422 Guide little Clampett through the crazy maze, trying to find the way out. Jayenkai 2018/04/22
Squashly Boop 20180526 Squash all the enemies, and hop for success, as you try not to die in this ultimate test. Jayenkai 2018/05/26
NeoPlat Blast 20180616 Platdude's hopped back into the Neon-Dimension, and this time he's brought some bombs. Jayenkai 2018/06/16
Pogo The Fridge 20180706 All of Pogo's fruit have escaped, and are planning a rebellion against the poor little Fridge. Squish them to death!! Jayenkai 2018/07/06
Quadoban 2 20180904 The Quantum-Locked crates still need shuffled around the map. Put on your safety hat, and get back to work. Jayenkai 2018/09/04
Time Knight v0.18 A platform game for the Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, 3DS, Wii U and Sega Dreamcast. Ghamson 2022/01/11
Batterycheck 0.3.4 Alpha POC remake of an old PC platformer BatteryCheck. Archerite 2021/05/06
OpenJazz 20190106 Open-source version of the classic Jazz Jackrabbit games. MrHuu 2019/01/07
Hax0r v1.2 HAX0R? is a game about being a computer virus, created with the intent of stealing 1MB of data from a remote computer. TurtleP 2016/07/08
ravimid v1.2 Play as a local pyramidman as you crawl, fight, and ascend your way to save your father. hoksy 2016/08/24
SuperTux Milestone 1 v0.1.3 SuperTux is a open-source classic 2D jump'n run side-scrolling game in a style similar to the original Super Mario games. nop90 2017/03/24
Hermes v1.02 Hermes is an extraordinary Jump'n' Run game with plenty of bad taste humour. nop90 2017/07/29
Sqrxz 3 v1.05r Sqrxz 3 is a Jump'n'Run which will please the hardcore gamer amongst you. nop90 2017/09/19
Sqrxz 2 v1.10 A Jump'n'Run which requires a sharp mind and fast reflexes, high frustration is guaranteed. nop90 2016/10/30
Sqrxz 4 v1.01 The fourth part of the Jump'n'Run Sqrzx series, bringing you onto an cold icy island. nop90 2016/10/30
Jumping Jack 0.9 Port of the ZX Spectrum game of the same name. Zalo 2015/07/15
Robin Hood v0.1.1 Simple platform game where you play as Robin Hood. esoteric-programmer 2017/03/05
OpenSyobon3DS v1.2 Port of Open Syobon Action (Cat Mario). nop90 2016/07/27
Geomitty Dash v0.4 Geometry Dash clone for 3DS. norips 2015/10/22
ASCIIJump v1.0 ASCII Geometry Dash clone for 3DS. MCJack123 2016/03/20
Abbaye v2.0.1 l'Abbaye des Morts - ported to 3DS. JeffRuLz 2018/01/28
Sonic Roboblast 2 v1.1.3 Port of Sonic Roboblast 2 to the Nintendo New3DS. derrekr 2019/01/23
Auto Zone 2021 A classic Commodore 16/Plus4 game rewritten. WLS 2021/10/09
Dash 2021 Advoid enemies and collect diamonds. WLS 2021/09/21
Finders Keepers 2021 Remake of a classic Commodore 16/Plus4 game. WLS 2021/10/13
Fireman 2021 An original fire rescue game. WLS 2021/08/02
Monty on the Run 2021 Remake of a classic Commodore 16/Plus4 game. WLS 2021/10/19


Title Version Description Author Last updated
Loonies 8192 r66 A Mini Retro Puzzle for DOS, the PSP and 3DS (Homebrew) thp 2021/07/05
Tiles 2DS v1.1 An adaptation of the puzzle game Lights Out for the 3DS. Cid2mizard 2015/11/01
TileMap 2DS v1.1 An adaptation of the puzzle game TileMap for the 3DS. Cid2mizard 2015/11/03
3048 unknown 2048 Puzzle game clone. iamn1ck 2014/06/14
3ds1010 v2.0 It's like Tetris but with infinite time. LiquidFenrir 2017/02/13
Blockman Gets Retro 20180603 Blockman returns in another classic maze-puzzle dot-munching game. Jayenkai 2018/06/03
ColorFiller v1.0.1 Meet ColorFiller, Flow recreated as homebrew for the 3DS. LiquidFenrir 2020/06/01
Guess the Number 3DS 1.1 More-or-less guessing game. Tcm0(FUK-Team) 2014/12/24
Might of the Balls 20180723 Fight for domination as you roll around the maze. Jayenkai 2018/07/23
Mastermind v1.1 A port of Mastermind for the 3DS. MrJPGames 2015/08/13
MineSweeper3D v1.2.1 An open source homebrew recreation of minesweeper in C++ for the 3DS, with a twist. LiquidFenrir 2020/06/21
OpenSupaplex v7.1.2 + nightly Supaplex is a game made in the early nineties. sergiou87 2021/02/22
Roland Eats a Stale Biscuit 20180318 Help Roland get all his biscuits from the crazy maze, using only the power of his epic pushing arms. Jayenkai 2018/03/18
Simon unknown Simon Says game for the 3DS. MasterModr 2015/01/07
Super Block Attack v1.1 Tetris clone for the 3DS. pmedia, XiIntersection 2014/11/26
The Link Janitor 20180625 Connect all the coloured boxes to complete each of the many levels. Jayenkai 2018/06/25
Idiot v0.4.0 A remake of Idiot: Puzzles for Nintendo 3DS. TurtleP 2016/03/31
Tetris Clone v0.0.4.1 Tetris Clone. Sleepy Flower Girl 2016/02/27
Twos Woods v0.2 2048 mixed with Wario Woods for 3DS. Haze3ds 2016/06/20
Snake2DS v1.0 Snake Clone for the Nintendo 3DS. Jacudibu 2016/06/16
Super Haxagon 3.4.0 Super Haxagon is a Super Hexagon like clone for the 3DS. RedTopper 2021/02/20
Memory v1.0 A memory game for Nintendo 3DS. Omegadrien 2016/10/14
Hex-a-Hop v1.1 Hex-a-Hop is a hexagonal tile-based puzzle game with one simple goal. nop90 2017/04/17
Xump 01 January 2017 Xump - The Final Run is a simple multi-platform puzzler by Retroguru. nop90 2017/01/01
Tetronomino 3DS unknown Tetris clone, built with Lovepotion. CKlidify 2015/10/20
Rokoban unknown 3D Sokoban clone. Zalo 2016/06/05
Mazed demo Memory game: escape a maze one room at a time. Machina 2015/03/18
Loophole 3DS 14 Oct 2015 Puzzle platformer where you control multiple "players" that can also be used as platforms. CKlidify 2015/10/14
Labyrinth 3D v1.2 Find the exit out of the randomly generated maze. Rinnegatamante 2016/02/11
Fruit-Y 29/9/2016 Fruit'Y - Playing with edibles is heavily inspired by the Kaiko classic Gem'X. nop90 2016/10/30
Zelda Picross v1.0RC Port of a Zelda theme picross game made by Vincent Jouillat. nop90 2017/01/02
ThinIce 3DS unknown Melt all of the ice in a maze. gatuno 2015/08/31
Tetris 3DS by UltiNaruto v0.4b Port of an SDL game called Falling Blocks aka Tetris. UltiNaruto 2015/10/08
TE3DS v1.0 Tetris clone. nop90 2014/02/16
Picroxx v0.2 The ultimate Picross clone. Substance12 2016/02/03
NumberFucker3DS 2015 Math game. Place numbers on a board to make other numbers disappear. videah 2015/09/19
Lemmings for 3DS v0.6.3 Clone of the classic DOS game. esoteric-programmer 2017/05/26
FillDS v1.0 Flood It game clone. helreizerDev 2015/03/16
Falling Blocks Watch Out v0.4.1 Full-featured tetris clone. Spaqin 2016/03/06
Biniax2 V0.4alpha Port to 3DS of the open source game Biniax2. nop90 2016/07/04
Sliding-Puzzle v1.3 Sliding-Puzzle homebrew game for the 3DS, made with LövePotion. 16BitWonder 2017/10/29
Turtle-Tale 0.1-Beta1 Remake of Turtle: Puzzles for 3DS Homebrew. TurtleP 2017/11/11
Path 1.0 A simple and short puzzle game. BubbleChien 2018/07/06
Tetrepetete v1.1 A game with blocks. thp 2016/06/30
Sokoban first version An unofficial port of the puzzle game Sokoban for the 3DS. Landm 2016/03/14
Pixel Swap 2DS v1.1 An adaptation of puzzle games Pixel Swap 1 & 2 for the 3DS. Cid2mizard 2015/11/01
Pixel Shuffle 2DS v1.1 An adaptation of the puzzle game Pixel Shuffle for the 3DS. Cid2mizard 2015/11/01
Minesweeper 2DS v1.2.1 A port of Minesweeper for the 3DS. Cid2mizard 2017/03/11
2048-3D V1.0.1 A port of the popular game 2048 for the 3DS. MrJPGames 2016/02/14
100 Boxes 2DS v1.1 A remake of homebrew "100 Boxes puzzle" for DS and GBA. Cid2mizard 2015/03/21


Title Version Description Author Last updated
FyWod-3ds 1.0 A racing game with high frustration danger. nop90 2017/07/13

Role playing

Title Version Description Author Last updated
Zelda 3T 1.0 Port of Zelda Time to Triumph, a Zelda fan game from the Zelda ROTH Trilogy. nop90 2017/09/25
LOVE v0.10 An Undertale homebrew (demo). XavyrrVaati 2017/02/06
DevilutionX v1.3.0 Diablo build for modern operating systems. diasurgical/MrHuu 2021/11/03
Griffon Legend v1.0 An action RPG. nop90 2017/02/13
Happy Land v1 Happy Land is a game where you go on a big quest to retrieve the potatoes that Big Foot stole from you. MyLegGuy 2017/02/16
Minimalist Quest v1.0 The whole game is a single zelda-like dungeon where you and your friends are trapped. Ryuzaki-MrL 2019/11/15
MotherFG v1 Recreation of the battle system of Mother 3 in 3D. iMackshun 2021/03/24
Zelda OLB v1.1 Port of Zelda Oni Link Begins, a Zelda fan game from the Zelda ROTH Trilogy. nop90 2017/06/08
Zelda ROTH v1.0.2 Port of Zelda Return of the Hylian, a Zelda fan game from the Zelda ROTH Trilogy. nop90 2016/06/12


Title Version Description Author Last updated
KETM-3ds 1.0 Kill everything that moves! nop90 2017/07/10
ctrWolfen 0.8 Port of Wolfenstein 3D. Rinnegatamante 2016/04/21
ctrHexenII v1.1 Port of Hexen II. Rinnegatamante 2016/08/17
Kurok 2017 Port of Kurok, a Quake mod inspired by Turok originally by MDave. yerWizard 2017/09/24
CS3DS 0.6-alpha Port of CSPSP. machinamentum 2016/04/22
DXX 0.1 Descent 1 & 2 source port! Dagger 2018/12/02
EUCLIOD Release 7 Bullet Hell Game. HexZyle 2016/03/19
Futrinos 20190113 Shoot the Barrels. Save the World. Jayenkai 2019/01/13
ioQuake3DS v1.1.0 Quake 3 for 3DS. masterfeizz 2019/09/03
On a Space Shooting Trail 20180305 The war rages on, in the neon skies. How long will you dare to survive? Jayenkai 2018/03/05
Orbital Annihilation 20190121 Fire your 6 missiles at the planets, and earn a highscore! Jayenkai 2019/01/21
Attack of The Space Junk 1.0 A sequal to the game Attack of the Household Items for the PC. MrJPGames 2017/08/17
prboom v1.0 The obligatory doom port currently being worked on by Wintermute. Wintermute 2016/01/21
PrBoom3DS v0.7-alpha A 3ds port of Doom. elhobbs 2019/12/22
Radial Warning 20180716 Blast away the geometrical waves, as you frantically try to survive. Jayenkai 2018/07/16
Blasphemer Unknown Homebrew based on Heretic 1 Open Source game content. eviltoys 2018/02/21
ctrQuake v0.8 An unofficial port of Quake for the 3DS, fully playable. MasterFeizz 2016/09/13
EDuke3D v1.0-beta An unofficial port of EDuke32 for the 3DS. masterfeizz 2016/05/09
Halo Revamped v1.1 Halo is a shooter game in which players experience gameplay in a 3D environment almost entirely from a first-person view (FPS). TCPixel 2017/04/13
Heretic v0.2a Heretic is a dark fantasy first-person shooter video game. elhobbs 2016/01/30
wolf4sdl v1.0 Wolfenstein 3D port for 3ds. Kartik 2020/10/06
Shoot ya Friend unknown Simple 2-player shooter. YourNerdyJoe 2014/07/24
Spectre3ds unknown A 3ds port of Quake. elhobbs 2015/12/22
Space Fruit v1.3 Hackathon game by 4 friends ported to 3DS. Asteroids but with fruit. TurtleP 2016/04/10
Half-Life - Xash3DS v0.2 A port of Xash3D-FWGS for the Nintendo 3DS. masterfeizz 2019/09/15
Yeti3DS Beta A 3D FPS port of Derek Evans' Yeti3D software rendering engine. smea 2018/12/14
Quake2CTR 0.2 & Mod builds Quake 2 port for Nintendo 3DS! MasterFeizz, modified by MrHuu and EvilJagaGenius 2017/06/24
Bandits at Zero 2021 Remake of classic Commodore 16/Plus4 game. WLS 2021/06/24
Blitz Bomber 2021 Destory the enemy tanks. WLS 2021/08/14
Blockade 2021 A retro style skill game. WLS 2021/07/26
Liberator 2021 Remake of a classic Commodore 16/Plus4 game. WLS 2021/05/03
Proof of Destruction 2021 Remake of a classic Commodore 16/Plus4 game. WLS 2022/01/05


Title Version Description Author Last updated
Hamsters 2DS 1.2.1 Hamster breeding game in text mode. Cid2Mizard 2015/11/01
Craftus Redesigned 0.5.4 Modification from Craftus Reloaded GamesSanti 2020/11/26
3DScraft v141120 A 3DS adaptation of Minecraft. smea 2014/11/20
Craftus Unknown Craftus in a Minecraft clone for Nintendo 3DS. RSDuck 2017/08/21
Olympic Skier 2021 Remake of a classic Commodore 16/Plus4 game. WLS 2021/12/14
World Cup 2021 Remake of a classic Commodore 16/Plus4 game. WLS 2021/04/26


Title Version Description Author Last updated
Insectoid Defense v1.0 A Sci-Fi Tower Defense game. sgowen 2015/09/01
OpenTTD v1.0.1 Port of OpenTTD v070 for the 3DS. EnergeticBark 2020/06/28


Title Version Description Author Last updated
Fact Crow unknown A crow that tells facts for 3DS. titegtnodI 2014/12/19


Title Version Description Author Last updated
3DElf 0.2.0 A "911 out!" clone for the Nintendo 3DS. SuperSaiyajinStackZ 2020/10/08
StackMill 0.4.0 Final A clone of the mill game for Nintendo 3DS. SuperSaiyajinStackZ 2021/09/20
Retro League GX 0.2 Retro League GX is a demake of Rocket League for older game consoles. mholtkamp 2021/09/24
Twini Golf 3DS 1.0 Ported a mini-golf game with a twist to the 3DS. LiquidFenrir 2021/08/12
Denchick 1.0 Denchick for the 3ds - a game (port)! JackoTC 2021/06/24
Angband 4.2.3 r145 This is a port of Angband for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS that is marginally based off of the old Angband port made by Immir. timschumi 2021/11/28
Magiskate v1.0 Homebrew Skating Game. iMackshun 2021/03/03
Five Nights at Freddys 1 beta 0.3.1-pre1 Five Nights at Freddy's 1 3DS REMASTERED! FreDEV 2021/01/15
The Binding of Undertale rev.1 This is a port of the popular Binding of Isaac Rebirth mod The Binding of Undertale! sickneckbeardbro 2017/06/07
TIC-80 build2 A fantasy computer port to the (New) 3DS. Deleted User 2020/06/20
Circles v1.0 A small game called circles. Pododo 2020/07/11
Higurashi - When They Cry v2.6.4 This is a port of the Higurashi: When They Cry remakes! MyLegGuy 2019/08/19
Flappadiddle Doo 20180226 Help Flappy save his fellow flapping friends from the dungeon. Jayenkai 2018/02/26
Generic Snake Clone 20180729 This is Snake! Eat the dots!! Jayenkai 2018/07/29
Centipong Rebound 20180812 A smashingly colourful ball-bouncing calamity. Jayenkai 2018/08/12
Classic SpikeDislike 20190208 Taking things back to basics. Simply leap over the Spikes and show them your Dislike along the way. Jayenkai 2019/02/08
WANT3D v1.3 Clone of the minigame "Wanted!" from SuperMario 64 DS. rinnegatamante 2016/03/19
Reunion v0.4a A Furry Visual Novel Game. SonyUSA 2016/05/02
Snakes - Desynched v0.2.5 Snake game for 3DS. Desynched 2017/04/08
JETSKI Potato JETSKI 3DS is an unofficial game for nintendo 3DS. ElementalCode 2017/01/22
3DS Cookie Clicker v1.0 A clone of Cookie Clicker game for Nintendo 3DS. Creckeryop 2017/06/11
Pixel-Painter v1.8 Simple Drawing Homebrew. 8BitWonder 2017/06/06
Whats in the box v1.1 Simple game. Manurocker95 2017/04/18
Pixel Rush v1.0 The main inspiration was the android game VoxelRush 3D. Chopsuey 2017/04/22
PixelRoad v1.0 Lead a pixel on a tiny road with your stylus. This game is created using LUA language. Rinnegatamante 2014/12/03
Fibbage3DS 11/16/15 Party game; create a lie that others believe, while avoiding their own lies. LeifEricson 2015/11/19
2D Side-Scrolling Example WIP Simple example of a side-scroller. Voxel Studios 2015/10/18
3DSHangman v1.0 3DSHangman is a port of a Lua Hanging homebrew for PSP. Rinnegatamante 2015/01/20
T-Rekt 3D v1.0 You have to save the dinos. How? Just avoid the meteorites that fall to the earth. Manurocker95 2017/08/26
Useless Homebrew 3DS v1.1 This is a port of "Useless homebrew DS", a port of the machine that turns itself off. Tcm0 (FUK-Team) 2015/01/10
Shooting Watch 3D unknown Press buttons as fast as possible. MrJPGames 2014/12/13
3DS Physics Sandbox v0.3 Play around with various physics pieface- 2016/08/06
POWDER v1.1 POWDER is a roguelike originaly developed specifically for the Gameboy Advance (GBA). nop90 2017/02/04
3DStris 1.6.9 A Tetris clone for the 3DS. 3DStris 2020/06/07
Bottomless Block Barrage v0.2.0 Panel de Pon (Tetris Attack) clone for the 3ds. TricksterGuy 2017/09/11
Yahtzee3DS v1.0.1 A 3ds homebrew game of Yahtzee, featuring multi-console multiplayer. LiquidFenrir 2018/06/28
DDLC-LOVE v1.1.9 An unofficial cross-platform Doki Doki Literature Club port to Lua for different game consoles. LukeZGD 2020/10/03
World of 3DSand v1.3.4 A port of World of Sand for the 3DS. Steveice10 2016/12/29
Trucmuche 2DS 09 v1.0 An adaptation of the hidden objects game Trucmuche for the 3DS. Cid2mizard 2015/12/03
That Rabbit Game v1.0 Inverse duck hunt with accelerometer input and stereoscopic 3D. thp 2016/07/05
Tappy Plane v1.0 A port of Flappy Bird for 3DS, but with a colorful plane. sgowen 2015/09/01
Pituka 3DS Classics v1.0 Play CPC classics using Pituka Emulator-Core on 3DS. D_Skywalk 2016/12/12
Paddle Puffle alpha A port of Paddle Puffle for the 3DS. Peanut42 2015/07/15
One Whale Trip beta Five-lane underwater whale swimming/pearl pickup adventure game in Python. thp 2016/07/18
Cookie Clicker V1.0.0 A simple Cookie Clicker type of game inspired by Kaisogen's Cookie Collector. TheMachinumps 2017/06/19
Cookie Collector v1.6.0 Cookie Clicker port for the Nintendo 3DS. GabrielRRussell 2017/06/16
Antibounce V1.2.1 Control a bouncing ball and collect coins. TurtleP 2016/10/22
Nyan Cat beta 3DS Non-Stop Nyan Cat. markwinap 2015/05/28