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Last Updated2021/11/28
TypeRole playing
Version4.2.3 r145

This is a port of Angband for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS, a dungeon-crawling roguelike that is marginally based off of the Angband port made by Immir.


Copy the .3dsx file and put it somewhere on your SD card where you can launch it.

Also you will need to extract, which contains the gamefile, to your SD card so that you have an angband folder in its root.

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Angband is a free, single-player dungeon exploration game:

  • You play an adventurer seeking riches, fighting monsters, and preparing for a final battle with Morgoth, the Lord of Darkness.
  • You (the @) begin in the small trading town above Angband, ready to descend into its depths (using the down staircase, '>').
  • You explore randomly-generated caverns, and find treasure: = is a ring, ? is a scroll.
  • You fight monsters. o is an orc, p a human, and r a rat. If you die in battle, you have to start the game again.

Button mappings

To avoid having to use the on-screen keyboard for everything, the game allows for mapping certain button combinations to sequences of up to 10 keyboard inputs. In addition to the standard movement directions on the D-Pad, the following keys are mapped by default:

  • A - Enter.
  • B - Escape.
  • Y - "y".

To change or add button mappings, you can create the file /angband/nds/button-mappings.txt on the SD card, where button mappings will be stored.

  • Each line in the file (except for empty lines and lines starting with #) describes a mapping for a button combination.
  • The line is split into two parts (delimited by :), the first describing the button combination and the second listing the sequence of keys that should be pressed instead.

The available buttons for bindings are A, B, Y, X, Up,Down, Left, Right, Start, Select, L, R, ZL and ZR.

  • L, R, ZL, and ZR are only used as modifier keys and do not trigger an action on their own (this means that they can only be used in combination with other keys).
  • The chosen buttons for a binding are simply written one after another, delimited using a +.
  • For the input sequence the characters are written as a coherent string.
  • For special characters (also known as escaped characters) the characters can be stored in their escaped notation and they will be correctly processed by the game.
  • A list of escaped characters can be seen on the Wikipedia page, but the game only supports a subset of those (\b, \t, \r, \e, and \\). Quotation and question marks do not need to be escaped.
  • Example:
    • To input g three times followed by pressing Enter whenever you press the buttons L and A, add the following line to button-mappings.txt.
    • L+A:ggg\r

On-screen keys

To add custom keys to the on-screen keyboard, you can create the file /angband/nds/screen-keys.txt on the SD card.

  • Each line in the file (except for empty lines and lines starting with #) describes a mapping for a button combination.
  • A line has multiple fields, each seperated by a ':':
    • label (up to 16 characters).
    • x and y offset (in pixels; from the top left of the screen).
    • width and height (in pixels).
    • input sequence (up to 20 character inputs).
  • The rules for input sequences in the "Button mappings" feature apply here as well.
  • Example:
    • This is a key with the label "rage quit", at the coordinates (80/120) from the top left of the screen, 64 pixels in width, 32 pixels in height and automatically navigates to the "Kill character and quit" menu entry.
    • rage quit:80:120:64:32:\r2222\r222\[email protected]\r

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Let's Play Angband (P1) (TheUberHunter)


4.2.3 r145 2021/11/28

  • Upstream changes from Angband 4.2.3 (up to revision 145).
  • Allow changing the foreground and background colors.

4.2.3 r68 2021/09/04

  • Upstream changes from Angband 4.2.3 (up to revision 68).
  • Fix Windows line handling for NDS configuration files.

4.2.3 r0+ 2021/08/05

  • Upstream changes from Angband 4.2.3.
  • Memory optimizations for the NDS.
  • Increase maximum input sequence length to 20.
  • Add support for custom on-screen keys.

4.2.2 r235++ (2021/07/24

  • Changed default binding for ESC to B instead of X.
  • User-defineable button mappings.
  • New 3DS support (ZL/ZR keys and faster CPU).
  • Performance optimizations.

4.2.2 r235+ 2021/07/22

  • Initial release.

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