Fire Emblem Fates Nohr-Hoshido Class Swap Hack 3DS

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Fire Emblem Fates Nohr-Hoshido Class Swap Hack
Last Updated2020/08/29
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This is a simple ROM hack for Fates which swaps almost every unit with a Norhian or Hoshidan class with their other-faction equivalent.

Several other changes were made to maintain playability. It also incorporated DeathChaos25's Revelation unit buff patch, with permission.

The prologue was not changed; enemy changes begin with chapter 1.


  • NPC-only classes were not changed.
  • Promoted and advanced classes can now reach A rank in their secondary weapon type, instead of B. Except for Master Ninja that was not changed.
  • All S rank weapons changed to A rank.
  • Nosferatu moved to the dawn armory. The purpose is to ensure all weapons available to the layer can actually be used.
  • Nohr noble will be available in birthright, and hoshido noble in conquest. Nohr prince/ss was unchanged.
  • Villager is unchanged, but has had its promotion options changed to wyvern lord and paladin, as they were the only non-armored lance using classes available.
  • No text was changed, so swapped classes will incorrectly be noted as their original faction. Relevant abilities will still function correctly.
  • Further minor changes were made as needed for playability, such as adding in chest keys in Brithright 7, because the player no longer has any units with locktouch.
  • Enemy skills were generally unchanged, except:
    • They were recruitable that map.
    • They needed Shadowgift to use their Nosferatu tomes.
    • They had a -faire skill for a weapon type they could no longer use.
  • DLC/Amiibo maps were not changed.


There are two ways to install this hack: via Luma in-game patching or by rebuilding your rom. Both can be used with Luma, while using Citra requires the latter.

The Luma in-game patching is the recommended method if you are using Luma, however some users have reported lag issues when using in-game patching. This is an unavoidable consequence of how in-game patching works, and the only solution is to rebuild the rom and play the modified rom instead.

Rebuilding the rom is a three-step process. You will need to unpack the rom, replace the base files with the modified files this hack uses, and then repack the rom.


Copy the romfs folder into SD:/luma/titles/<titleid>/. Create the folders if they do not exist, and rename the <titleid> for your specific game.

  • Fates SE (JPN) - 000400000012DE00
  • Fates SE (USA) - 0004000000179800
  • Birthright (USA) - 0004000000179400
  • Conquest (USA) - 0004000000179600
  • Fates SE (EUR) - 000400000017A800
  • Birthright (EUR) - 0004000000179500
  • Conquest (EUR) - 0004000000179700

Boot up your 3DS Luma's config menu by holding the Select button. Turn on Enable Game Patching and press Start to save your changes.


Download .Net 3ds Toolkit. Run ToolkitForm.exe and use the Extract tab to unpack the rom.

Once your rom is unpacked you should have a bunch of files and three folder with more files.

  • One of those folders should be titled romfs or something similar.
  • Copy the contents of the romfs folder for the class swap hack and paste them into the unpacked romfs folder.
  • Agree to merge folders and replace files when prompted.

Use .Net 3ds Toolkit again to repack the rom. Run ToolkitForm.exe and use the Build tab.

Texture pack

Included is a texture pack created by Mathcat and a few others which adds unique outfits for many characters in many classes.

While not related to the class swap hack, it is both compatible and particularly relevant since changing everyones classes means they are all using the default outfits.

This can help add some variety. Note that you will encounter considerable lag if using the texture patch with Luma in-game patching due to the file sizes.

In this case, it is hightly recommended that you rebuild your rom.

Known issues

Generic Great Masters and Butlers will have the hooded man portrait. this is because these classes never appeared as enemies in the base game and so have no generic portrait.

Several named enemies, and playable units in cutscenes, will not have their in-game models display properly (e.g. Onmozu in Chapter 3, and Gunter in the cutscene after Chapter 3).



  • Fixed joinable units in Rev that werent working.
  • Several tweaks to enemy weapons and skills.
  • Made chapter 2 and Conquest 10 a bit easier.


  • Fixed more mistakes.
  • Beruka and Selena join with half progress to C weapon rank in CQ 10. Thanks to Moonling for fixing the nightmare module to make this possible.
  • Siegberts paralogue works now.
  • Fixed enemy inventory errors in BR 11 and CQ 17.
  • Fuga is now a bow knight in BR 8.
  • Fixed Kaze inventory when joining after CQ 11.
  • Fixed Percy inventory when joining after paralogue 19.


  • Fixed Villager F promotion, now promotes to Wyvern Lord instead of General.
  • Beruka join with D Lances in Conquest 10, instead of E.
  • Conquest 13: Increased Reina Magic by 5 so she isn't completely harmless when baited.
  • Conquest 22: Changed enemy on the launcher below Sakura from Great Knight to Maid so they can use the launcher (was a Machinist in the base game).


  • Initial release.

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