FTP - Graphic ModifierX Edition 3DS

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FTP - Graphic ModifierX Edition
Author(s) FloatingStar (aka Vorpal Blade)
Type Utilities
Version v2.2
Licence Mixed
Last Updated 2016/01/27
Website Website
Download Download
Source Source

FTP - Graphic ModifierX Edition, also referred as FTP-GMX, is a fork of ftpd by mtheall. This fork is solely for aesthetic modifications and CFW/Flashcart builds.

You can edit the banner, application icon, and bottom graphic of ftpd. For customized theme you will need to build it yourself.


  • Appears to work well with a variety of clients.
  • Also compiles for Linux.
  • Supports multiple simultaneous clients. The 3DS itself only appears to support enough sockets to perform 4-5 simultaneous data transfers, so it will help if you limit your FTP client to this many parallel requests.
  • Your own cutting-edge graphics.


Custom Graphics

Modify the .png files in the gfxfolder to add your own graphics:

  • app_banner - This image will appear on the top screen before you run the application (.3ds and .cia).
  • app_bottom - This is the static in-app image on the bottom screen.
  • app_icon - This is the icon for the .cia, .3ds, and .3dsx.


Pre-compiled portlibs: available here and put the portlibs folder in your devKitPro folder.

How to build

Download the .zip for this repo and extract.

While holding Left-Shift on your keyboard, right click FTP-GMX-master and hit Open command window here.

Run the following command make.

You will have new files created in the folder.


The archive comes with a pre-build for Theme GBAtemp. Theme Nintendo Font is available here (.cia only).

  • Homebrew - Copy .3dsx and .smdh to the directory /3ds/FTP-GMX-2.2/ of your SD card then run it with homebrew launcher.
  • CFW - Copy .cia to your SD card and install it with a CIA installer.
  • Flashcarts - Copy .3ds to your SD card.

User guide

Supported Commands

  • ABOR
  • ALLO (no-op)
  • APPE
  • CDUP
  • CWD
  • DELE
  • FEAT
  • HELP
  • LIST
  • MDTM
  • MKD
  • MODE (no-op)
  • NLST
  • NOOP
  • OPTS
  • PASS (no-op)
  • PASV
  • PORT
  • PWD
  • QUIT
  • REST
  • RETR
  • RMD
  • RNFR
  • RNTO
  • STAT
  • STOR
  • STRU (no-op)
  • SYST
  • TYPE (no-op)
  • USER (no-op)
  • XCUP
  • XCWD
  • XMKD
  • XPWD
  • XRMD
  • Planned Commands (ftpd)
  • STOU


Theme - Nintendo Font (by D34DL1N3R)



v2.2 2016/01/27

  • .3ds file for Flashcarts.
  • .cia file for CFW.
  • .3dsx file for Homebrew.


  • mtheall - Creator of ftpd.
  • daxtsu - Post on how to make a .cia file.

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