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NASA - Universal CIA Manager
Last Updated2016/04/13
TypeSystem Tools

NASA is a CIA Manager, based on an heavy modified version of latest source of Big Red Menu. It uses libSu/libsvchax to get access to required services for legit CIAs installation on fw >= 9.3 and libkhax to get access to required services for any CIAs installation on fw 4.1-9.2. It also have network installation feature which doesn't need double free space cause it will perform a full network installation.

Note: NASA only works on firmware 4.1-10.7 and allows installation for legit CIAs. The homebrew is no longer in development and it is recommended to use fasthax and FBI as an alternative.


Available as a CIA,3DSX/SMDH and 3DS (use either one).

  • 3DSX - Copy .3dsx and .smdh to the /3ds/NASA/ folder on your SD card, then run with homebrew launcher.
  • CIA - Copy .cia to your SD card and install it with the CIA manager of your choice.
  • 3DS - Copy .3ds to your SD card.

To add custom theme/GUI:

  • Place the file nasa_theme.lua in the root of your SD with some info inside it. You can find a simple sample theme in the RAR archive of NASA.
  • Open the lua file with a text editor and personalize it to make your own theme.

User guide

Build-in FTP server

You can connect to NASA through a generic FTP client, which enables you to:

  • Uninstall installed titles from both NAND and SDMC.
  • Install CIA files to NAND/SDMC.

Some advantages include timeout resolving, native multichain installation support, real-time progressbar (at least on Filezilla) and so on.

Network installation (Houston)

To use network installation feature, you need to start NASA and check the IP showed on top screen.

Then you can open a terminal (Linux/Mac)/command-line prompt (Windows) and launch houston with the IP showed on 3DS and the CIA filename as arguments.

Example: houston file.ciaFAQ


Q. Free Space reported by NASA is wrong and I can't install a CIA file, what can I do?

Disable Security Mode.

Q. Can I install any CIA file on fw >= 9.3?

No, you can install only legit cias.

Here you can find a list of available ones with MD5, SHA1 and CRC hashes.

Q. What's the best way to boot it on fw >= 9.3?

You can use MenuHax as entrypoint with WiFi ENABLED when you launch NASA.

Note tht if you start NASA with Wifi DISABLED on fw >= 9.3, you'll not be able to use Network Installer.

Q. When I use Houston, it asks for a cygwin1.dll file. Where I can find it?


Q. Is it possible to chain install CIA files with Houston?

Yes, you can use this GUI by Baoulettes.


Imported Contents:

D-Pad - Navigate through titles

A - Uninstall a title

Select - Go to Filebrowser

Start - Open Controls List


D-Pad - Navigate through folders

A - Install a CIA, Open a Directory

B - Return to previous directory

Y - Multichain Install from a Directory

X - Enable, Disable the "Delete after install" feature

L - Enable, Disable Security Mode

R - Swap between SDMC/NAND installation

Select - Go to Imported Contents

Start - Open Controls List


NASA - FTP Manager showcase (Rinne4Fun)

[3DS] NASA v1.6 (Gnmpolicemata)



  • Improved svchax bootrate. Now should be much more stable and reliable.
  • Added a Controls List popup appearing when pressing START.
  • Completely rewrote Houston. Now it shouldn't have problem sending files in certain circumstances like before.
  • Now imported contents can be deleted from PC with a simple FTP client.
  • Now NASA supports network installation through FTP protocool (so you can send CIA files from whatever device which have an FTP client).
  • Now network installation can be done also for NAND contents.
  • Added support for custom themes in NASA.
  • Now NASA will list also size and version of installed contents.
  • Added "Size to install" (size for CIA files when they will be installed) and version info for CIA files in filebrowser.
  • Now in Filebrowser if you press B, you'll return in the previous directory (like if you open "..").
  • Fixed problem with Delete After Install feature. Now it will not crash the system anymore.


Baoulettes, ValouIka and ihaveamac for testing it during creation.

Anyone involved in libSu creation.

aliaspider for svchax used to perform memchunkhax2-patched.

Myria for libkhax used to perform memchunkhax1.

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