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This project is dead, as it was it was superseded by CIA


Download and install Homebrew Apps for 3ds easily! App based on lpp-3ds


Simply download the .cia file from the releases page and install it with your favorite .cia Installer, for example FBI. You can also just scan the QR Code from the releases page as well. You can also use the .3ds version for a flashcard or the .3dsx version for *hax. Note: The .3dsx version does not support launching freeShop through it, the option is disabled.


Nightlies are available at the official automatic Nightly build page and build whenever changes get pushed to the master branch


This app generates a UUID for each Homebr3w client on first launch which will then be sent to The UUID will be used to collect pseudo-anonymous data to get an idea of how many people use this app, how much people install apps and the like. If you do not want to be tracked using this, you can turn the UUID sending off in the Settings Menu! You can also regenerate the UUID if you delete the client_uuid entry from SDMC:/3ds/data/Homebr3w/data.json, which causes a new ID to be generated for you.

Differences between Builds

There are 2 different builds available, the .3ds/.cia build and the .3dsx NH(2) Build. .3ds for Flashcards and .cia to install to Homemenu are identical in functionality and have the full set of features available. .3dsx is slightly limited in its functionality as it is not able to install or launch .cia's from the Homemenu. The functionality is automatically disabled in the .3dsx builds.

Build instructions

The building is made possible through a make script, meaning you need to have make installed and in your path. If you already use devkitArm then you are good to go Just run make (or make all/make build) to get your binaries in the build directory build 3ds and build cia are also available in case not all binaries need to be built. built 3dsx is currently not available due to conflicts with lpp-3ds's networking features on *hax. You can also use make clean to remove all built files.


Rinnegatamante - for making lpp-3ds ksanislo - for making yellows8 - for the base of the Icon and Banner 3DSGuy - for converting the Wii HBLauncher's theme to CWAV - as Database to pull the apps from The people from the /hbg/ Discord - Beta testing Note: Starting with version 1.4.0, a UUID is sent to to collect pseudo anonymous usage data. You can opt out in the settings menu


  • Add 2 more sorting modes (Last updated, first updated) Uninstall installed Homebrew Apps!
  • Press select to change between install and uninstall mode over an installed App!
  • Searching now also checks the Author and Description. Want to see all apps by 1 developer?
  • Now you can! Icon cache now updates icons. Sometimes a dev changes their icon, Homebr3w now always loads the newest one!
  • Massive Speedboost while downloading! Especially icons should download much faster now thanks to the power of Connection:
  • Keep-alive! Pseudo-anonymous data collection has been implemented.
  • Homebr3w generates a UUID automatically and sends that to
  • Disable this behavior in settings or generate a new UUID by removing the entry in SDMC:/Homebr3w/data.json Blacklist the invalid title ID 0x0
  • Fix saving config files Fix the blacklisting feature