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Last Updated2017/07/01

3dfetch is a 3DS homebrew application that can display varies information of your 3DS in pretty colors.

Similar to Linux's screenfetch script, but unsigned and executed on a Nintendo 3DS. RSF file based off of this dummy RSF. Mainly developed as a method for learning 3DS homebrew toolkits, libraries, and build environments.


  • Pretty colors.
  • Cycle through text colors using the d-pad, and background colors using the L and R buttons.
  • Press the A button to take a screenshot, saved to the SD card root as 3dfetch_day_month_year_x.jpg.
  • All information dynamically grabbed from 3DS' hardware.
  • New 3DS and old 3DS compatible.
  • Press select for a configuration menu.
  • Use in tandem with imgurup-3ds for an easy sharing experience.



Available as a CIA/QR code.

Copy .cia to your SD card and intall it with the CIA manager of your choice. Or you can get it on TitleDB within FBI.


  • makerom to create the CIA.
  • 3ds-tool to recompile the ROM filesystem.
  • bannertool to create the banner and icon files.
  • A fork of lpp-3ds found here which includes expanded functionality. It is advised to use the compiled binary (lpp-3ds.elf) included in the repository.

To compile:

  • CIA - Run make to build an installable CIA-file.
  • 3DSX - Run make 3dfetch.3dsx instead and merge the /3ds folder with the one on your SD card.
  • Network-sent 3DSX - If you would like to have 3dfetch be sent via network to your console, open up Homebrew Launcher, press Y and run make 3dsx instead.

User guide


3dfetch can optionally be configured by creating a file at the root of your SD card called 3dfetch.conf. At present, the following options are available:

  • showAnimation:true | false - Enable/disable the little shell animation on startup.
  • showSplash:true | false - Enable/disable the CFW splash on the bottom.
  • showCFW:true | false to Enable/disable CFW detection.

You can also use the configuration menu within the homebrew. All changes to the configuration are saved in a config file.


A - Take screenshots

D-Pad - Cycle through text colors

L/R - Change background colors

Select - Config menu




v1.10/11 2017/07/01

  • (1.11) Fixed white background not being properly available.
  • Added a pretty animation to simulate typing a shell command.
  • Cycling left text colors now additionally cycles the CFW logo color.
  • Exact battery percentage is shown.
  • Luma CFW now displays the version number with it.
  • Added detection for Cakes CFW.
  • Added detection for Corbenik CFW.
  • Added detection for RX Tools CFW.
  • Added detection for Rei CFW.

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