Pokemon Sun Moon Cheat Plugin 3DS

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Pokemon Sun & Moon Cheat Plugin
Last Updated2017/06/21

Pokémon Sun & Moon Cheat Plugin

Seeing as how the original Pokémon Sun and Moon NTR plugin, SUMOHax, has not been updated in a while, I have decided to release my remake of it, with added codes, features and improved ease of use.

To those new to NTR plugins, you’ll need a 3DS with a custom firmware like Luma3DS and BootNTR or BootNTR Selector. For o3DS you will need the reduced file size version labeled for old3DS and launch it using Mode 3.

How to Use

Download this: BootNTR Selector

After installing it and going through setup, you'll have a 'plugin' folder on your SD card. Put the two game folders from my download into that plugin folder.

Old 3DS users:

Also download the mode-3 version of BootNTR Selector

When you want to use the plugin, run BootNTR Selector (for n3DS) or BootNTR Selector Mode-3 (for o3DS) to load NTR then start the game. NTR lasts until you restart the 3DS. Press SELECT in game to open the cheat menu.


sumoCheatMenu-02.png sumoCheatMenu-03.png sumoCheatMenu-04.png sumoCheatMenu-05.png sumoCheatMenu-06.png sumoCheatMenu-07.png sumoCheatMenu-08.png sumoCheatMenu-09.png sumoCheatMenu-10.png

A cheats plugin for NTR CFW

A plugin created using @RyDog199's blankCheatMenu base which in turn was based off @Nanquitas work.

To compile you'll need DevKitARM (from DevKitPro) and Python 2 or 3.

To run you'll need a 3DS, Custom Firmware, and BootNTR Selector. Start BootNTR Selector BootNTR Selector Mode-3 for o3DS) to load NTR and then start the game. Activate by pressing SELECT in game. This plugin supports both version 1.0, v1.1 and v1.2 of the games.

Cheats include:

  • Pokémon Spawner (Spawn a wild Pokémon by ID)
    1. Set ID or Random
    2. Set Level or Wild Level
    3. Set Form
  • EXP Modifiers
    1. Dynamic EXP multiplier adjustable from 0x to 255x
  • Time Modifiers (Changes time of day in game without affecting 3DS clock)
    1. Increase or decrease in-game time in one-hour intervals
  • Appearance Modifiers
    1. Change Gender (Open a menu to see change. WARNING: This will reset clothes and hair)
    2. Change Skin Tone (Ride a Pokémon or save and reload)
  • Battle Modifiers
    1. No Wild Encounters (Hold START to temporarily allow encounters)
    2. 100% Capture Rate
    3. Shiny Chance Modifier (Does not work on Shiny-locked Pokémon)
    4. View Opponent's Info (Press START to activate)
    5. Stat Stages +6 (Raises all in-battle stat stages to max)
    6. Use Z-Moves without Z-Crystal
    7. Infinite Z-Moves
    8. 1-Hit KO
    9. Invincible Party
  • Movement Modifiers
    1. Run Faster
    2. No trip animation
    3. Walk through Walls (Hold R to activate or toggle with R+A)
  • Pokémon Modifiers
    1. Rename any Pokémon at the Name Rater
    2. Instant Egg available from Nursery (Hold L and speak with NPC)
    3. Instant Hatching (Hatch eggs in one step)
  • Currency Modifiers (Adjust currency to a custom quantity in increments of 500,000)
    1. Poké Dollars
    2. Festival Coins
    3. Total Festival Coins
    4. Photo Thumbs Up
    5. Battle Points
  • Items (Adjust items to a custom quantity in increments of 50)
    1. All Poké Balls Types
    2. All Items
    3. All Medicine Items
    4. All Berries
    5. All Poké Beans
    6. All TMs
    7. All Clothes
  • QR Codes
    1. Removal of 24h wait time between Island Scans
    2. 100 QR Scan Points
  • Misc
    1. Instant message speed
    2. Access PC from Anywhere (Open Options sub-menu)
    3. Re-match trainers (Hold L and speak to Trainer)
    4. Black outline toggle ON/OFF for player and Pokémon. (Open a menu to see change)
    5. NTR Debugger toggle to allow access from NTR Debugger outside of Festival Plaza (Disables in-game NFC while active)
    6. Change Camera Zoom (START+L / START+R to enable or disable)
    7. View IV/EV on Status Screen (Press START or X respectively while on Pokémon Status screen. Switch Pokémon to see change)
  • Illegal Cheats
    1. Catch Trial Pokémon
    2. Catch Trainer's Pokémon
    3. Pokémon can learn any TM
    4. Learn any move from Move Reminder

Previously I had removed any codes that could make illegal Pokémon that could not be traded or battled online. I have decided to add these codes in but with a large disclaimer. The Spawner code can make legal Pokémon if attention is taken to location, level, and form of spawned Pokémon.

This is a work in progress and a learning exercise. The GateShark cheats these codes were derived from can be found in the resources folder.