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Last Updated2017/02/05
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NitroStream is a homebrew program that allows user to easily initiate a connection to NTRViewer for NTR CFW on the Nintendo 3DS Built on the NTRDebugger by Cell99.

Note: Wireless Streaming can be only used with the New 3DS (video stream only, no audio).

User guide


Setting up the stream

  • Connect your N3DS to your router to find out its IP Address, you can:
    • Use a FTP client connect to your N3DS.
    • Or launch FBI > Remote Install > Receive from URLs > you should see your IP here.
  • Launch the BootNTR from your homescreen, wait to return to the homescreen.
  • Open the debug menu with X+Y and select Open Debugger.
  • Launch Nitro Stream (run as Administrator).
  • Input your 3DS IP into the textbox and set the Quality of Service value to 101.
  • Click the Send Memory Patch if needed, then click connect. The window NTRViewer should open on your PC and will have your N3DS streaming to it.

Tinkering Settings

Edited from BootNTR wiki:

  • Priority (Defaults to TOP) - Controls which screen has the priority to be transferred.
  • Priority Factor (Defaults to 5) - Controls the priority promoted screen's frame-rate factor. When it is set to 1, the top screen have same frame-rate with bottom. When set to 0, only the screen set by priorityMode will be displayed.
  • Quality (Defaults to 90) - Controls the JPEG compression quality (Ranged from 1 to 100; from 1 being lowest quality to 100 for highest quality).
  • Quality of Service Value (Defaults to 20.0) - Limits the bandwidth to work on different wireless environments, the actual bandwidth cost could be lower than this value. Set to 25, 30 or higher on good wireless environment, set to 15 if the WiFi quality is not so good. Setting the value higher than 100 will disable the feature.


  • You will need to activate Memeory Patch for games that use a lot of memory, like OOT3D, Pokémon Games, Mario Games, etc.
  • To stream audio, connect a male to male auxiliary cable from your N3DS to your PC.
  • To record the stream, use a program like OBS Studio or XSplit.
  • You will not be able to stream any regular DS games since they run on a separate firmware than NTR CFW.
  • Streaming virtual console is possible, but sometimes does not work VC.






For New 3DS only.



  • Dirty fix for an issue that prevented the application from working without an internet connection.
  • Octokit would time out.


  • Notifies the user of a new release and takes them to the latest release page.
  • NOTE: Fixed missing exe.


  • Minor fix


  • Updated screenshot.


  • Added screenshot to readme.

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