Attack of The Space Junk 3DS

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Mr. Top Hat - Attack of The Space Junk
Last Updated2017/08/17

"Mr. Top Hat: Attack of The Space Junk is A sequal to the game Attack of the Household Items for the PC.

User guide

All you have to do is to not get hit by random space junk flying around. To do this you can avoid them and shoot them.

This will gradually become harder the longer you play as more junk will be on the screen at any given moment.


Q. I'm banned on the online leaderboard, what now?

You most likely tried to cheat a higher score, if this was not the case you can message the author and you might get unbanned if the online logs do indeed not show signs of attempted cheating.

If you get a GitHub Ban screen, it means you are using a compiled github version instead of the release version, like the prompt explains you are not actually banned but merely unable to go online with a version compiled from the github source.

Q. What information is sent to the leaderboard server?

Look at the source for the most complete anwser, but the parts you care about: A console unique hash generated with the cfg service, and the current country set on your 3DS as well as your 3DS' username will all be sent.

Currently only the username is visible by other players, country might become visible in the future.

Q. Can I see the leaderboard on a webpage?

No. You can however get XML data for the leaderboards (the same the 3DS uses and displays) at (ctr+u on chrome if you want to see slightly more readable version).


Circle Pad/D-Pad or ABXY (O3DS) - Movement

Touchscreen or C-Stick (N3DS/N3DS) - Aim

L/R - Shoot


attackofthespacejunk3.png attackofthespacejunk4.png

attackofthespacejunk5.png attackofthespacejunk6.png

Known issues

There is a crash that happens sometimes seemingly when getting hit.

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