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Last Updated2016/07/04
Version0.4 alpha

Biniax2-3DS is a port of an open source puzzle game Biniax2 on 3DS. Original by Jordan Tuzsuzov.

It has a single player mode and two players mode (vs CPU).


In the zip there is a folder with the 3dsx and the smdh files inside, to be used with a homebrew launcher.

Alternaitvely install the cia file with the CIA manager of your choice.

The game creates a Biniax2 subfolder inside the 3ds folder if doesn't exist. Here will be saved your scores.

User guide

The game play is simple - move around your block and clean your way ahead.

The gaming field is 5×7 pairs of elements. Every pair consists of two elements out of four possible types (colors).

You control a single element, which can move on empty fields or can take a pair, if your element is present in the pair.

If a pair is taken, your element is swapped to the other element of the pair.

The field is scrolling down on time event or after certain moves are spend (depending on the game mode). Game over is when there is no move available.



Up/Down - Move

A - Select menu options, Exit from submenu

In game:

D-Pad - Move tile

B - Clear your column (if the broom count is > 0)

X - Pause the game and exit to menu (autosaving the game that can be continued later)

Hall of Fame:

Touchscreen - Insert your nickname

A or Enter symbol - Save your nickname


biniax23ds3.png biniax23ds4.png


3DS Homebrew: Biniax 2 [Deutsch|HD] (Flashcardsinfo)

Known isues

CIA version crashes exiting the game.


v0.4 alpha 2016/07/04

  • Used a bigger font.
  • Fixed a bug typing on ther virtual keyboard in the Hall of Fame for tactica mode.
  • Added a very simple AI to play vs CPU in multiplayer mode.
  • Added CIA version.

v0.3 alpha 2016/07/01

  • fixed a crash at 2000 points.

v0.2 alpha 2016/06/30

  • forced a custom type from char to signed char (was the cause of some small bugs).
  • changed key mappings.
  • disabled moving the tile using the touchscreen.
  • updated the help text.

v0.1 alpha 2016/06/29

  • First alpha release.


  • The original game is made by Jordan Tuzsuzov.
  • This game uses the sf2d sftd and sfil libraries created by xerpi.

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