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Zelda OLB 3DS
Last Updated2017/06/08
TypeRole playing

Zelda OLB for 3DS is a port of a Zelda fan game, Zelda Oni Link Begins from the Zelda ROTH Trilogy.

The Legend of Zelda: Return of the Hylian, Oni-Link Begins and Time to Triumph is a trilogy of fan games that take place after the events of A Link to the Past. Originally made in French in C++ by Vincent Jouillat, it was translated to English by Lobaluz. The games utilizes many graphics and pieces of music from A Link to the Past. The Trilogy has been released in English, introducing a past, present, and future concept using the Ocarina.


In the zip there is a folder with the 3dsx and the smdh files inside, to be used with a Homebrew Launcher.

Alternatively install the cia file with a CIA manager of your choice. All the resources are included in the executable using romfs.

The game creates a ZeldaOLB subfolder inside the 3ds folder if doesn't exist. Here will be saved your game progresses.

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Struck with a terrible curse since his recent victory over the Dark Lord, Link transforms day after day into an overpowered creature of destructive power by the name of Oni Link.

Banished from Hyrule, the young Hylian asks Princess Zelda for help.

The latter indicates to him his ultimate hope; a portal to a secret world...

Zelda ROTH Trilogy ports on 3DS

Zelda ROTH Trilogy has been ported to 3DS by Nop90:


A - Read, Open, Speak, Confirm, Pass text

D-Pad - Move Link

R (hold) - Run

B - Use sword, (hold B then release) Spin attack

L+Start - Item selection

Y - Use selected object

X - Pick up items

L+X - Put mask

L+R - Teleport ONI at the temple entrance

Start - Open the map (in/outside of dungeons)

L+B - View defeated monsters

L+D-Pad - Look around

L+A - Enlarge/Shrink screen size

L+Y - Show help

Select - Save, Quit, Close the game (from the title screen)


zeldaolb2.png zeldaolb4.png


Let's Play Legend of Zelda: Oni Link Begins Part 1 (arclad84)


V1.1 2017/06/07

  • Improved Italian translation.
  • Added a dirty workaround to avoid a memory leak.
  • Renamed villageest.raw music file adding a startig capital letter to avoid the music module crash entering in Ruto Village.

V1.0 2017/06/02

  • Completed Italian translation (thanks to Rinnegatamante).

V0.4 2017/03/11

  • Changed some music that was from ROTH and not from OLB.

V0.3 alpha 2016/06/12

  • Activated sounds.
  • Added Spanish and French languages (some menu not completed yet).
  • Mapped missing keys.

V0.2 alpha 2016/06/11

  • Fixed memory leaks.
  • Added a CIA version.

V0.1 alpha 2016/06/07

  • First alpha release. It's a preview that is barely playable.


  • The original game is made by Vincent Jouillat.
  • This game uses the sf2d sftd and sfil libraries created by xerpi.

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