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Corbenik CFW Updater - RE
Last Updated2017/01/06
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Corbenik CFW Updater: RE is a complete REwrite of the original Corbenik/Skeith CFW Updater. It is a tool designed to install or update Corbenik CFW and its nightly release Skeith CFW, written in Lua and runs on Lua Player Plus 3DS by Rinnegatamante.

This project aims to replace both of them by writing it from scratch, as such, the code of this app is much cleaner than before. Though a lot of the code (like the updater function) is the exact same or very similar to the original, this is slightly better organized.


Available in CIA format.

User guide

Custom payload path

Corbenik CFW Updater: RE is capable of updating both Corbenik CFW and Skeith CFW. It detects for the existence of a proper installation of Corbenik CFW or Skeith. If one or both aren't found, it'll show the option to install that (those) CFW(s). You can set a custom payload path for both Corbenik and Skeith ARM9LoaderHax payloads by writing said path to the config files.

Example for the path SDMC:/somedir/anotherdir/arm9payload.bin, you can do:

  • /corbenik-updater-re/settings/corbenik.cfg - For Corbenik (Create/Edit the file).
  • /corbenik-updater-re/settings/skeith.cfg - For Skeith (Create/Edit the file).

Enter the path to the payload in the file like this /somedir/anotherdir/arm9payload.bin.

Corbenik CFW Updater: RE directly supports the /arm9loaderhax_si.bin path as standard if you use that as well, so you won't need to set it yourself with a config file. Corbenik CFW Updater: RE will always fetch the latest updater script from the author's server, so you can expect few user-side updates. As for updates that require a new CIA file to be installed (like an update to the Lua Player Plus binary), they'll be automatically installed if needed. You'll need to exit and restart the app for this to take effect though.

Update options

This app can do two kinds of updates (for either Skeith of Corbenik).

  • Clean updates - Erase your configuration and cache (you'll have to reconfigure Corbenik/Skeith upon boot).
  • Dirty updates - Keep your configuration and cache. Regardless of you choosing dirty or clean updates, any splash screen/wallpaper you set (top.bin and bottom.bin) will be kept.

This app can also do fresh installs, those options will show up if you don't have Corbenik, Skeith, or both, installed.


One of the releases includes a BGM (and you can set a custom BGM by placing it at /corbenik-updater-re/resources/bgm.wav on both releases).

To listen to it you need a DSP dump. You also need to change the setting for the BGM to play.

You can do this by either creating a new file at /corbenik-updater-re/settings/usebgm or by hitting Select on the main menu and exiting/entering the app to apply the settings.


R - Select update mode

A - Update Corbenik

X - Update Skeith.

A - Reboot

B - Exit


[Nintendo 3DS]Corbenik CFW Updater: RE Showcase (Gnmpolicemata)


v1.0.3R2 - 2

  • Forth public release. Removes the Nintendo 3DS banner and replaces it with the Homebrew one on startup.

v1.0.3 - 2

  • Third public release. Adds a minor check before executing the downloaded script. Not necessary to update if you have v1.0.2 (as shown by release level 2).
  • Officially released alongside CURE v1.2.0R2 (which brought 11.2 fresh installation of Corbenik/Skeith).

v1.0.2 - 2

  • Second public release. Supports Devmode.
  • Supports REL level 2 (CURE 1.1.0), which includes Devmode support, minor bugfixes and fresh installation support.

v1.0.1 - 1

  • Initial Public Release. Thanks to Crystal the Glaceon for all the help.


  • Rinnegatamante - For Lua Player Plus 3DS and help with Lua programming.
  • chaoskagami - For Corbenik/Skeith CFW and the help.
  • Crystal the Glaceon - For the help with testing the updaters, especially the original ones.

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