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AuthorKartik (hax0kartik)
Last Updated2021/06/07

Rehid is a HID module (which are responsible for user-input) rewrite with the aim of easier button remapping for the 3DS.


  • Button remapping with the help of a json file.
  • IR module is patched automatically so ZL, ZR, Cpad Pro (Cnub) can also be remapped.
  • Different button remappings for different games.


You need to have the latest Luma3DS for this to work correctly.

  • Download the latest release of rehidhelper.3dsx and copy to your SD card.
  • Extract the 0004013000001D02 folder from the zip file.
  • Copy the 0004013000001D02 folder to /luma/titles/ of your 3DS SD Card.
  • Create a new folder named rehid on the root of your 3DS SD Card.
  • Hold Select while Powering up your 3DS and enable game patching from the Luma 3DS menu.
  • Open Homebrew Launcher and run the 3dsx.
  • Click A on the Download Rehid option.
  • Restart your 3DS and remap the buttons using one of the methods below (then apply your remapping file to use).

User guide

Remap Buttons

You first need to create a rehid.json file with the remappings you want. The file will contain what buttons you want to remap.

Option 1:

  • You can generate your rehid.json files using this site written by @mcaboosec.
  • Once you have the file ready, run rehidhelper again.
  • Select the Scan QR code option, then scan your QR.

Option 2:

  • Alternatively, you can manually generate your rehid.json file using the step by step guide written by @MarioKartFan.

Premade config

Some premade configs can be found here.

Reset mapping

Delete the json file in the rehid folder, or disable game patching.


How to Remap 3DS Buttons - Rehid (Portuguese) (Planeta 3DS)


v3.0 2021/06/07

  • You can now use luma's input redirection with rehid.
    • With this there is no real disadvantage of using rehid over stock hid.
  • Fix touch screen bounds.
    • This was being caused as rehid did not respect touchscreen calibration.
  • You can now also do TOUCH>KEY binding.
  • Fix a bug where rehidhelper created folders with wrong titleid.
  • For people with broken home menu button, you can now remap your home button to a key combo.

v2.1 2021/05/12

  • Fixed the issue where gyros/motion controls did not work properly for some people.

v2.0 2021/05/07

  • Rehid now supports custom luma builds(plugin/3gx).
    • The previous version crashed when using custom luma builds, this was fixed.
  • IR patches have been rewritten.
    • CPad Pro/cnub can now be remapped using the JSON file.
    • The previous IR patches were unstable and CPAD Pro/cnub did not work with some games. The patches were rewritten from ground up, correcting this behavior.
  • Rehid now also supports the following remappings:
    • Keys > touchscreen.
    • Keys > CPAD.
    • DPAD > CPAD.
    • CPAD > DPAD.
  • Accelerometer/Gyroscope has been implemented.
    • This fixes multiple issues like games getting stuck and 3D being unstable.
  • Introduce Rehidhelper.
    • Rehidhelper is a hb app which makes it easier to install rehid/generate remappings.
    • You can now easily generate your remappings using this site written by @mikahjc and then scan the generated QR with the app instead of having to manually edit the json file.

v1.0 2021/03/22

  • First public release.


@luigoalma Help, testing and supports.

Druivensap on discord server for testings.

Luma3ds devs and contributors.

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