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Last Updated2015/07/10
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3DSBFI is a simple and minimalistic, WIP but mostly finished Brainf*ck Interpreter for 3DS. Not to be mixed up with FBI xD.

It includes a menu with a special Brainf*ck editor, output and Tutorial. In future versions it will also include input and loading and saving .bf files.

Here a short introduction to Brainf*ck :

Brainf*ck is an esoteric programming language, with extreme minimalism.

There are only 8 Operators :

  • "+" Which increases the number of the current cell
  • "-" Which decreases the number of the current cell
  • ">" Which sets the pointer to the next cell right
  • "<" Which sets the pointer to the next cell left
  • "." Which outputs a char (f.ex. 65 = A)
  • "," Which reads a char
  • "[" Which opens a loop
  • "]" Which closes a loop

In the current version of 3DSBFI the operator "," isn't implemented yet, because I am still working on the imput. Also I added an extra operator :

  • ";" Which outputs the value of the current cell as decimal

If you want to read more about Brainf*ck, how it works, and how you can program it look at the article on Wikipedia : Brainfuck

How it works

3DSFBI is easy to use. You can write your entire Brainf*ck programm on your 3DS. Here are the Controlls :

  • A : "+"
  • B : "-"
  • X : ">"
  • Y : "<"
  • D_UP : ";"
  • D_RIGHT : "]"
  • D_DOWN : "."
  • D_LEFT : "["
  • L : Delete Last Character
  • R : Run Code
  • START : Exit Programm

Example Scripts

Here are also some example scripts for you to try out :

  • A Script, which outputs "Hello World!"


  • A Script, which multiplies 4 with 2 and prints the result.


More if you want! :)

I would be really happy, if you would contribute to my GitHub, if you want to add something, or find a bug. Just send me a pull request and I will add it.

I recommend the .3dsx build. I haven't tested the .cia or .3ds builds, but they should work.

The are some bugs, and I am fixing them. Also I take no responsibility for any harm to your 3DS, because of Bugs in the Application or your Brainf*ck script.

I also don't take responsibility for acute brain damage. :D

Currently i am working on some features, like additional operators and the input operator.


V1.1 :

  • Added a menu, with 6 options
  • Added a fullscreen editing and running mode
  • Fixed the programm's name and added an icon
  • Bugfixes

V1.0 :

  • Initial Release


  • 3DSBFI written by josamilu
  • All the guys , who are working on ctrulib

Last Words

I wrote this programm over the last 2 days, and i can say, It is fun. It is a great feeling to release it to the public and hear the comments. My code isn't good but it may help you if you want to make your own homebrews. 3DS Homebrews have a lot of potential, and I am always happy if i see a new Homebrew released here on the forums.

Say me what you think about the programm and the post (I invested a lot of time in it!).

Also, if you have written something funny in Brainf*ck, share it with us :D .

I hope you have fun with it,

- Josamilu