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Last Updated2021/06/13

ftpd is a FTP Server for 3DS/Switch/Linux/NDS.


  • Appears to work well with a variety of clients.
  • Supports multiple simultaneous clients. The 3DS itself only appears to support enough sockets to perform 4-5 simultaneous data transfers, so it will help if you limit your FTP client to this many parallel requests.
  • Cutting-edge graphics (Dear ImGui backend).
  • Exit on NDS/3DS with START button.
  • Toggle backlight on NDS/3DS with SELECT button.
  • Emulation of a /dev/zero (/devZero) device for network performance testing:
    • Example retrieve curl -o /dev/zero
    • Example send curl -T /dev/zero



Available in CIA and 3DSX formats. Both comes 2 versions, Pro builds (use Dear ImGui graphics) and Classic builds (use console's graphics).


You must set up the development environment. The following pacman packages are required to build 3ds/ftpd.3dsx.

  • 3dstools
  • devkitARM
  • libctru

They are available as part of the 3ds-dev meta-package.

Build 3ds/ftpd.3dsx: make 3dsx

User guide

Recommended FTP clients

Supported Commands

  • ABOR
  • ALLO (no-op)
  • APPE
  • CDUP
  • CWD
  • DELE
  • FEAT
  • HELP
  • LIST
  • MDTM
  • MKD
  • MLSD
  • MLST
  • MODE (no-op)
  • NLST
  • NOOP
  • OPTS
  • PASS (no-op)
  • PASV
  • PORT
  • PWD
  • QUIT
  • REST
  • RETR
  • RMD
  • RNFR
  • RNTO
  • SITE
  • SIZE
  • STAT
  • STOR
  • STRU (no-op)
  • SYST
  • TYPE (no-op)
  • USER (no-op)
  • XCUP
  • XCWD
  • XMKD
  • XPWD
  • XRMD

SITE commands

  • Show help - SITE HELP
  • Set username - SITE USER
  • Set password - SITE PASS
  • Set port - SITE PORT
  • Set getMTime* - SITE MTIME [0|1]
  • Save config - SITE SAVE

Note: getMTime only on 3DS. Enabling will give timestamps at the expense of slow listings.



A - Activate, Open, Toggle

A+D-Pad - Tweak value (+L/R to tweak slower/faster)

B - Cancel, Close, Exit

X - Edit text/on-screen keyboard

Y - Toggle menu

Hold Y+L/R - Focus windows

Hold Y+D-Pad - Resize window

Left Stick - Scroll, Move window (when holding Y)

D-Pad - Move


ftpdmth3.png ftpdmth5.png

ftpdmth4.png ftpdmth6.png


How to Setup an FTP Client [FTPD] on o3DS or n3DS (GameInCanada)


v3.1.0 2021/06/13 (ftpd pro)

  • Access Point mode on Switch.
  • Reset button for configuration.
  • Update to Dear ImGui 1.83.
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.

v3.0.0 2020/05/27 (ftpd pro)

  • Even better graphics than ever (Dear ImGui backend).
  • NDS support.
  • Exit button changed from B to PLUS/START.
  • Backlight toggle changed from PLUS/START to MINUS/SELECT.
  • User/Password support.
  • Scrollable log.
  • Status icons/text (battery/wifi/time).
  • "Classic" builds retain console interface.
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

v2.3.1 2019/09/16 (ftpd snap!)

  • Rebuild against latest toolchains.
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

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