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A starter template for various 3DS homebrew applications. This template is geared specifically towards the Code::Blocks IDE. This template can also be used without Code::Blocks just use the Makefile and directory structure provided.

This is designed to be a simple and fairly minimal setup required to begin developing homebrew for the 3ds system. As such it doesn't include everything needed to build everything out of the box if you want to build 3ds or cia homebrew.

User guide

Targets Action
3ds Builds <project name>.3ds. (1)
3dsx Builds <project name>.3dsx and <project name>.smdh.
cia Builds <project name>.cia. (1)
citra Builds and automatically runs citra for testing. (2)
elf Builds <project name>.elf.
release Release build, creates a cia, 3ds, and a zip file containing the smdh and 3dsx. (3)
  • (1) This requires having makerom and bannertool in your $PATH
  • (2) make citra requires having citra installed and in your $PATH
  • (3) If you are on Windows you will need both of the following in your $PATH zip and libbz2.dll

Setting up devkitPro

Follow the steps installing devkitPro at the gbatemp wiki.

If you want to build cia and 3ds then follow these extra steps:

  • Aquire makerom and bannertool binaries from buildtools, or compile them yourself from makerom and bannertool
  • Copy the makerom/bannertool to $DEVKITARM/bin or some other directory in your $PATH

Code::Blocks Setup

  • Simply open 3ds.cbp in Code::Blocks
  • Choose File > Save as user-template and enter a template name. The project setup is now a user template to create new projects.
  • When creating a new project select File > New > From template and follow the wizard's instructions.
  • Ensure you have the environment variables plugin installed (in linux you can install this by installing the codeblocks-contrib package)
  • Choose Settings > Environment and scroll down to the Environment Variables section.
  • Add DEVKITPRO and point it to where devkitpro is installed
  • Add DEVKITARM and point it to where devkitarm is.

To compile in Code::Blocks simply select your target from the list and click the Gear icon to automatically invoke the Makefile

Note: Make sure you are using MSYS2's make (make.exe) and not MINGW's make (mingw32-make.exe).

Creating a new project

  • Make a new Code::Blocks project via a user-template you just created above. Or simply copy this directory.
  • (Only needed for cia/3ds builds) Edit the file resources/AppInfo
    • Edit those values and ensure you choose a unique id see unique_id_list.
    • Replace the existing files in the resources directory to suit your needs.

Note: Please ensure that no folder/directory used in the project contains spaces. Devkitpro's Makefiles apparently does not like this. That is, do not have it in a folder like C:/3DS Hacking/3ds-template rather C:/3DS_Hacking/3ds-template


All of this would not have been possible without the work of:

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