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Last Updated2017/09/01
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ba-GUI-nnertool is a homebrew prgoram for customizing 2D/3D banner and icon/SMDH. It was originally a simple tool that allows you to extract banner.bnr from any decrypted CIA, more features were later added and it is now more like a CIA editor/builder.

User guide

Extract/Rebuild CIA

Prerequisite - a decrypted .cia (use Decrypt9).

  • Copy your decrypted .cia to the Projects folder (more practical).
  • Open ba-GUI-nnertool and click on Tool Box Tab.
  • Click on Browse and choose your decrypted .cia.
  • Click on Extract.
    • Choose the rom.0000.xxxxxxxx, it's the main content, by default: yourdecrypted.cia\rom.0000.00000000 (rom.0000.*).
    • (optional) Choose the rom.0001.xxxxxxxx. Only asked if the manual is not autodetected, you can choose another one or just click Cancel, by default: yourdecrypted.cia\rom.0001.00000001 (rom.0001.* ).
  • Launch Ohana3DS then drag your bannerX.bcmdl on it (not Ohana3DS Rebirth).
  • Export textures (do the same with others bannerX.bcmdl if it's multilang).
  • Edit textures of banner0.bcmdl, banner1.bcmdl,...(with GIMP, Paint.NET,etc).
    • (optional) Create your icon.icn with the Icon Tab.
    • (optional) Hex Edit data.bin.
    • (optional) Change Title ID with the VoodooChaos tool (hexedit ncch.header and exheader.bin) or click on the Customize ID button.
  • Import new textures with Ohana3DS and save changes (not Ohana3DS_Rebirth).
  • Rebuild your banner.bnr with ba-GUI-nnertool: Banner Tab -> Banner bcmdl/png: Browse then choose your new banner0.bcmdl (make sure all components are in the same folder: banner.cbmd, banner.bcwav,...).
  • Replace banner.bnr to Exefs.O folder.
    • (optional) Replace data.bin to Romfs.O folder, icon.icn to Exefs.O folder,...
  • Go to Tool Box then click on the Build button (optional : you can change Version: XX.XX.XX, remove age rating with voodoochaos 2.1 and/or add manual if detected).

Fix missing banner

Example - Zelda Hyrule Warriors Legends (JPN):

  • Decrypt the "game.cia" with Decrypt9WIP then extract the banner.bnr with ba-GUI-nnertool.
  • Copy/Paste the banner9.bcmdl to create the missing banner.
  • Remane them to banner1.bcmdl, banner2.bcmdl, banner3.bcmdl... (don't touch the banner0.bcmdl or banner.cbmd).
  • With an exheditor open each "bannerX.bcmdl" then search for JPN_JP and modifiy to *corresponding region/language then save. (ex: EUR_EN for banner1.bcmdl).
  • Rebuild the banner.bnr with ba-GUI-nnertool.
  • Copy the NEW_banner.bnr to the decrypted exefs.O folder.
  • Rebuild the "NEW_game.cia" with ba-GUI-nnertool.


  • banner1.bcmdl = English ~ EUR_EN
  • banner2.bcmdl = French ~ EUR_FR
  • banner3.bcmdl = German ~ EUR_GE
  • banner4.bcmdl = Italian ~ EUR_IT
  • banner5.bcmdl = Spanish ~ EUR_SP
  • banner6.bcmdl = Dutch ~ EUR_DU
  • banner7.bcmdl = Portuguese ~ EUR_PO
  • banner8.bcmdl = Russian ~ EUR_RU
  • banner9.bcmdl = Japanese ~ JPN_JP
  • banner10.bcmdl = English ~ USA_EN
  • banner11.bcmdl = French ~ USA_FR
  • banner12.bcmdl = Spanish ~ USA_SP
  • banner13.bcmdl = Portuguese ~ USA_PO


Q. Whats the size constraints on the 3D banner tool?

you can build a 2D banner with ba-GUI-nnertool and a 256x128.png. Banner should not exceed <700kb.

If you want to make a flat 3D banner with maya (example) there is only a limitation about polygons (and size/visibility on homemenu).

Q. How can I import 3D model in the banner?

You can use 3D Studio Max to create your .OBJ file. Then import it as a new CGFX file in EveryFileExplorer.

Choose .bcmdl/.cgfx (it's the same) to save the result and built a new banner.bnr.

Q. How to I edit the Icon text?

It is the description text wihch you can change in the Icon tab of ba-GUI-nnertool (the text is in the icon.icn).

You may need to delete the cache afterwards for the the edited texts to display.

Q. Error message EFE Msgbox: "Unblock 3DS, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null from external sources!"

You must unlock .dll.

Go to 'EFE/Plugins' folder.

Right click on .dlls then Properties and unlock it if necessary.




v2.2 2016/04/09

  • Voodoochaos v2.1 (you can remove age rating).
  • Code clean up.
  • Some minor bugfix.

v.2.1.1 2016/03/16

  • Fix a bug when extracting homebrew.
  • SMDH folder renamed into Icon.

v2.1 2016/03/15

  • New tool made by Rohul1997: VoodooChaos v2.0 in order to hexedit ncch.header & exheader.bin quickly - THX A LOT M8.
  • Some UI modifications (improvements hopefully).
  • Fix a bug with manual not added during the .cia build process.
  • And a lot of bugfixes.

v2.02 2016/03/08

  • New build of Ohana3DS_Rebirth.
  • Drag function for Ohana3DS ok.
  • Some bug fixes.

v2.01 2016/03/05

  • ba-GUI-nnertool now use another build of Ohana3DS (in order to fix quickly flashes banner problem).
  • More .png detected.

v2.0 2016/03/02

  • Added extract/build .cia.
  • And lot of bugfix.

v1.01 2016/01/24

  • Use of .bcmdl instead of .cgfx.
  • New build of ohana3ds rebirth (2016-01-19).
  • Added banner-FIX- for Hyrule Warriors Legends (as an example).
  • And some bugfix.


  • gdkchan & Rei for Ohana3DS.
  • Rohul1997 for VoodooChaos.
  • Steveice10 for bannertool.
  • dnasdw for 3dstool.
  • Relys for makerom.
  • elisherer for 3DS Explorer.
  • Gericom for Evey File Explorer.
  • Peter Pawlowski for Foobar2000.
  • Asia81 for all the 3D Banner Templates.
  • And others.

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