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3DS Multi Hex
AuthorMetab (kenjithepirateking, kenji-1996)
Last Updated2016/05/29

3DS-Multi-Hex, also named 3DSMH, is a homebrew project aimed for easy menu customization through objects for minimal coding input. It will be used in this project for loading json files and using their values to build menus.


  • Object Orientated (no hard coding).
  • Easy to add new items or menus (a few lines in slateManager.cpp).
  • Visual Menu (thanks to xerp's libs).
  • Customizable item and banner color (or random).
  • Fire Emblem difficulty editor (the first and the example of whats possible).

User guide

How to use

To use this homebrew, you'll also need JKSM.

  • Copy the folder 3DSMH from the release into the root of your SD card.
  • Add/Edit/Remove cheats.
  • Run JKSM.
  • Browse through and find your game.
  • Export the save data and title it hack (or whatever you label in your cheat.txt file).
  • Load this application, and set whatever features you desire.
  • Import the hack file with JKSM.
  • Launch your game and game save should be edited.

Supported games

Any game you can find values for is supported. Current lists of game values:

  • Fire Emblem:Awakening.
  • Pokemon Shuffle.

Add cheats

3DSHM will load from text files inside SD card located at /sd/3DSMH/

To add a new item, open home.txt and add new line in this format _Game Name_|_Description for menu_|_Unique id_

To add a game cheat _Name of cheat_|_Description of cheat_|/JKSV/Saves/_Location of save file_|_Pointer_|_Value_

Example - Fire Emblem:Awakening:

This line goes in home.txt in /sd/3DSMH/ Fire Emblem:Awakening|Save file cheats for Fire Emblem:Awakening|FEA1

This line goes in FEA1.txt in /sd/3DSMH/(uses the unique id) Set Normal DIfficulty|Sets your save game to normal difficulty|/JKSV/Saves/Fire_Emblem__Awakening/hack/Chapter0|0x0D|0x00


Notice it uses the same unique id, you must have the same unique id you set for the game. In the example it exported save as titled hack in JKSM (in the save location), and then the file that's being edited, in this case Chapter0.

To install a new cheat file, copy the file into your 3DSMH folder on your SD card, and then add a new line to your home.txt file. Again make sure that the unique ID is the same name as the text file you added.


A - Select menu

B - Goes to main menu

Start - Quits the program

D-pad - Browse Program

Y - Closes message box


3DS Multi-Hex explaination (Kenji)



  • Now support multiple values in 1 'cheat function'.


  • Added page support, now automatically handles unlimted amount of items, and puts them into pages.


Matypatty, @cearp and all the openly available libs for the 3DS used for this homebrew.

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