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Theme Customization Tools
Last Updated2014/11/15
TypeTheme Tools

This tools allows you to view/edit body_LZ.bin files, that contains 3DS theme data. It has a tiny simulator inside, to have a little preview of your work. There are also some small tools for editing the icon and the description of your theme, and also attempted to fix the USA compatibility.

Note: Outdated, use YATA+ instead.


Reqire Microsoft .NET Framework v4.0.

User guide

Menu options

  • File > Open - You can open any body_LZ.bin, compressed or decompressed.
  • File > Save - Save your new body_LZ.bin
  • File > Export - This exports the currently viewed picture in BMP format, you choose the path.
  • File > Import - This lets you import any image in BMP format and replace it to the currently viewed one.
  • Sound > Import/Export CWAV = Not supported yet.
  • Background Music - Check/uncheck this if you want/don't want bgm in your theme.
  • Simulator - Gives you a little preview of the theme.

Just edit all the data you want and open the batch script of your region. For now just EUR and USA are supported.

It can hang if it stays in folders with spaces in their name, so be sure to not have spaces in the tool's path.



Known issues

The current CIA generated is known to not be installed in GW emunand, of any version.

Also, this should replace the "Completely Mario" theme.



  • The tools is now updated to the new, more complete, 3dbrew documentation, so it can view more data and some bugs are fixed.
  • Inside there is a simple model of a Kingdom Hearts theme.

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