NDSForwarder 3DS

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Last Updated2021/08/25


This app will create nds forwarders and install them to the home screen of the 3ds.

The easiest method of installation will be to download it from Universal Updater. This will include all required files for the sd card as well.

The forwarders created with this app work in conjunction with the nds-boostrap forwarder pack for SD cards here. Read more about it on the GBATemp page.

This takes the place of the Forwarder3-DS java app listed on the gbatemp page.

DSiWare Template downloaded from Thanks to Olmectron for providing templates via their website.

Thanks to Martin Korth for GBATek, which provided pretty much all the information needed about the nds and dsi formats.

Thanks to 3DSGuy and everyone else who contributed to CTR Toolkit (of which, make_cia which is used in Olmectron's forwarder3ds app)

Thanks to RocketRobz and the DS-Homebrew team for all the nds-bootstrap and TWiLightMenu++ stuff.

Thanks to Evie (pk11) and the Universal Updater folks for helping bring things to the Universal Updater with automatic install of sd card files.

Thanks to Oreo639, Piepie62, Fenrir, and everyone else who helped me in my development career.

Thanks to lifehackerhansol for helping me test

Finally, thanks to the DevKitPro team for the toolchain (wintermute et al). Without that, homebrew just wouldn't be a thing.

Anyone else that I forgot to list, it's not you, it's me. Thank you. My progress is a product of the community and all it gives back. Thank everyone for being a part of it and helping.