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Metroid II
Last Updated2016/04/07

Metroid 2 3DS is a Tech Demo to envision how a 3DS Metroid Game would look like.

Note: The project has been discontinued. Source was subsequently released which includes tools (requires OS X) for creating Enemies, Objects, Items and Maps.


Extract the and put the resulting folder in your /3ds/ directory on your SD Card.

Run the Demo from your Homebrew Launcher (it will take some time to load from HB Launcher, but the game will not slow down).

Update from a previous build:

You will need to replace the entire folder, not just the .3dsx.

A lot of the files are updated/replaced when a new build is released.

Replacing the .3dsx alone will most likely result in crashed or glitches.




metroid23ds3.png metroid23ds4.png

metroid23ds5.png metroid23ds6.png

metroid23ds7.png metroid23ds8.png

metroid23ds9.png metroid23ds10.png


Metroid 2 vs AM2R vs Samus Returns (Haedox)


Tested on a New Nintendo 3DS on System Version 10.3.

Known issues

  • Hornoads Animation/Movement is not correct.
  • Water movement sound is a placeholder.
  • Map follow is disabled. The Options won't enable it (the feature is fairly bugged).
  • Charging Animation while looking left/right is not positioned correctly.
  • The .3dsx is 5.9 MB, had to implement the Player Spritesheet as a C-Source.




  • Phase 1 has been completed:
    • You will be able to Play most of the first Phase of the Game. However, the Metroid opening the second Phase can not be fought since the second Phase doesn’t exist yet.
    • You will find a Rock wall where you’d progress normally. This Wall collapses when the first Metroid encountered is killed.
  • Ledge Grabbing is now possible:
    • Samus is now able to grab any ledge within reach while jumping.
    • Samus will grab automatically as soon as she begins to fall from jumping.
    • While hanging on a ledge, you’ll have the option to aim and shoot when holding the L Button, jumping in the oposite direction of the ledge you’re grabbing by pressing A and Left or Right.
    • You can also jump straight up by simply pressing A or drop straight down by pressing Down.
    • Samus will climb the Ledge by pressing Up or to the direction of the Ledge.
  • Basic Missle Smoke Effect added:
    • A simple smoke effect when firing Missles, for cosmetic reasons.
  • Water and Water Physics have been added:
    • Water has been added for the Rooms containing it in the original Metroid 2.
    • Water will slow your movement speed down. You will also loose jump height if Samus is inside of water.
    • Note: Game Water has no animation yet.
  • The Main Menu has been implemented:
    • The Main Menu is now fully accessible (it was before technically, just blocked it off).
    • The Main Menu does the usual thing: Show you’re Health/Missles/Metroids remaining, allowing access to the Options Menu and giving you the ability to either load or create a new save.
  • Gameplay Options have been implemented:
    • An Options Menu has been added which includes some of your requests. You can now change the Movement Controls between Control and D-Pad, swap Y and B for beam fire and change the Minimap control style to either manual or auto-follow. Especially the movement and shooting change should make controlling Samus easier for players which are more used to the D-Pad and/or have an easier time using Y to fire.
    • Note: Auto-Follow can be selected but it won't have any effect. This is intentional.
  • Game Over and Death Animation fully implemented:
    • The classic Death Animation known from other Metroid Games has now been fully implemented.
    • Dying to an Enemy does now play Samus’ Suit breaking follow by a improved Game Over screen.
  • New Font File:
    • Not much to say about this other than the old font was hideous.
  • Controls have been improved:
    • The Jumping Mechanics have been changed to mimic those from Metroid: Zero Mission.
    • Samus can now change her facing to left and right while falling, change the direction of her Spin Jump. The jumping height is now defined by how long you hold A as well.


  • Phase 1 (Overworld and Cave Beginning) is now fully added.
  • New BGM for Samus’ Intro and Phase 1.
  • The Yumbo Enemies in Room 4 have been replaced with Tsumuri Enemies.


  • New Enemy: Tsumuri (no AI yet).
  • New Enemy: Seerook.


  • Minimap Size reduced by 50 %.


  • DSP Sound Bug fixed.
    • Bug: The Wave Buffer was overwritten and not cleared correctly.
  • Player Running with Aiming Animation now stays set until movement stops.
    • Bug: A flag was set wrong which caused an overwrite of the current animation.
  • Charge Beam does now disappear when releasing B on Room Change.
    • Bug: Releasing B while changing Rooms was not handled at all.
  • Shooting and Charging Beams does now only show the charging animation.
    • Bug: The Spritesheet frame was reset to 0 instead of the first charging animation frame.
  • Game Physics have been improved.
    • Bug: Some calculations were implemented wrong.
  • Stars are now drawn behind the Metroid Logo on the Menu Screen.
    • Bug Cause: Wrong drawing order.
  • Collision files have been improved.
    • Bug: Collision to narrow in some places.
  • Player Hitbox while jumping has been fixed.
    • Bug: The Hitbox was not overwritten and used the Standing/Running Hitbox.
  • Object and Item Collision Hitboxes have been fixed.
    • Bug: Wrong calculation of Player X and Width.
  • Beam and Missle spawn coordinates have been improved.
    • Bug: Wrong Values were used.
  • The Sprin Jump Animation does now show the correct animation when facing right.
    • Bug: Checked for last frame instead of facing.
  • The Minimap does not stay discovered after selecting “Continue” from the Game Over Screen.
    • Bug: Incorrect reloading of the save file.
  • Item Sprite rendering has been fixed.
    • Bug: The requested Item Sprite Frame was not reset.
  • Pressing L while taking damage no longer softlocks the player.
    • Bug: Aiming did not check for the damage animation
  • Taking damage while jumping no longer softlocks the player in the air.
    • Bug: A physics flag was not being reset when taking damage.
  • Having only the Power Beam displayed the selection field on the Ice Beam Slot.
    • Bug: The UI did not check if any Beams had been collected.
  • Killing Enemies without AI attached to them no longer crashes the game.
    • Bug: Tried to access an AI Pointer without check when an enemy died.


  • Initial release.



  • Smealum, Yellows8 and the 3DS Community for the development environment.
  • xerpi for sf2d and sfillib.


  • RayJT9 for the Starship Graphics.
  • Semijuggalo for the Beams FX Graphics.
  • Infinity's End for the Metroid 2 Enemies Spritesheet.
  • tango_311 for the Metroid Fusion/Zero Mission Tilesets.
  • kenji imatake for the Barrier Suit Spritesheet.
  • Skylights for the Zero Suit Spritesheet.


  • ShadowOne333 for providing BGM Sounds and creating the Samus Intro Fanfare.
  • Christopher Foss for the remade "Overworld Runner" Theme.
  • Replica Thirteen for the Player Sound Effects.

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