BootNTR Selector 3DS

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BootNTR Selector


A mod of BootNTR which will allows you to choose the version of NTR you want to load (and it is also much faster than regular BootNTR).

Latest stable builds

The latest stable builds can be found in the releases section.



Install the .cia file through FBI and run it.


Copy the .3dsx file into sdmc:/3ds/BootNTRSelector/ and run it through the New Homebrew Menu.

How to use

  • Launch BootNTRSelector through your method of choice and follow the on-screen instructions, no extra steps or files are required.
  • BootNTRSelector will now default to whichever NTR version you selected last.

Notes for Old3DS users

  • You need to use one of the Mode3 releases in order to use NTR with extended memory games (such as Monster Hunter, Pok�n Sun/Moon, Smash Bros, etc.). Mode3 has no effect on New3DS.
  • Launching BootNTRSelector before the home menu is completely loaded may result in a crash / error. So before launching it, wait a couple of seconds for the home menu to be fully loaded.


EWuJOLV.png 8LYUJXN.png 7a3Wjzw.png


Building BootNTRSelector is handled through buildtools. You have to have the following installed: - devkitPro with devkitARM - ctrulib (installed automatically with the devkitARM script) - citro3d - portlibs Once you have installed all the dependencies simply run make in the root directory and if you set it all up correctly it should build.


Added 11.12 support. Added Luma3DS v10.0.1 support. Fixed Mode3 and 3dsx builds from 2.13.1.

Updated NTR v3.6 to v3.6.1. NTR v3.6.1 Changelog Small improvement in the N3DS streaming code. (Uses Luma3DS PA -> VA memory mapping instead of DMA) Filename meaning You will find different files below depending on your needs. Here is a little explanation on each term:

3dsx/cia The 3dsx file can be launched from the homebrew launcher while the cia files can be installed to the home menu. (There is only a single 3dsx file variation.)

Mode3 Files which have the the Mode3 label are made specifically for extended memory games on Old 3DS/2DS models. (To detect if you are using an extended memory game, check if the console reboots after you close it from the home menu.) You don't need to install the Mode3 version if you don't want to use any extended memory game or you have a New 3DS/2DS.

PabloMK7 / FONZD banner The banner is the 3D model that shows in the top screen when you select the app in the home menu. The difference is only visual and is up to your own choice.