BootNTR Selector 3DS

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BootNTR Selector
Author(s) Nanquitas
Type Utilities
Version v2.13.4
Licence Mixed
Last Updated 2020/11/23
Website Website
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Source Source

BootNTRSelector is a mod of BootNTR which will allows you to choose the version of NTR you want to load. You have the choice between the version 3.2, 3.3, 3.6.

NTR is a custom firmware designed for New 3DS. With NTR CFW, you have a wide range of additional options such as cheat menus, screenshots, streaming (no capturecard required), real-time save feature, able to launch region-locked games etc. It's also plugin friendly.


  • A version selector.
  • Firm 11.6 compatible.
  • Should be a bit faster than the original BootNTR in terms of loading CFW.
  • Auto updater.
  • Check if NTR is already running before loading another one to avoid a crash.
  • Extended Mode Memory Support on Old3DS using the Mode3 version.



Note: The latest release v2.13.4 is broken with the official Luma3DS, you can use the Luma3DS 3GX Loader build (by Nanquitas, forked from Luma3DS) which temporarily resolves the issue.

  • CIA - Install the .cia file through FBI and run it.
  • 3DSX - Copy the .3dsx file into sdmc:/3ds/BootNTRSelector/ and run it through the New Homebrew Menu.

About Mode3.cia

Files with the label Mode3 are specifically made for extended memory games and only needed for old 3DS/2DS models.

  • For Old 3DS/2DS - Install both .cia and Mode3.cia.
  • For New 3DS/2DS - Use .cia only.

About PabloMK7/FONZD banner

The only difference between these 2 versions is the banner on the top screen displayed in the Home Menu. You can choose whichever you prefer.


Building BootNTRSelector is handled through buildtools. You have to have the following installed:

Once you have installed all the dependencies simply run make in the root directory and if you set it all up correctly it should build.

User guide

Launch BootNTRSelector through your method of choice and follow the on-screen instructions, no extra steps or files are required.

BootNTRSelector will now default to whichever NTR version you selected last.

Auto update

  • Since 2.4 the auto-updater only check update once a week.
  • You can force the check by pressing X while the application boots. Note that the 3DS must be connected to Internet, else the updater won't start.

Reset/change configuration

  • Press Select when you're launching the application (blue screen with Homebrew Logo) and keep it pressed until you have the background rendered.
  • It'll erase the configuration file and reload the config menu.
  • The file itself is located on the SD Card sd:/Nintendo 3DS/EBNTR/config.
  • Deleting it is the same as resetting the configuration. You'll be on the config menu on the next launch.

Notes for old3DS users

  • You need to use one of the Mode3 releases in order to use NTR with extended memory games (such as Monster Hunter, Pokémon Sun, Smash Bros, etc). Mode3 has no effect on New3DS.
  • Launching BootNTRSelector before the home menu is completely loaded may result in a crash/error. So before launching it, wait a couple of seconds for the home menu to be fully loaded.


Q. I'm using an old 3DS, which version is working on it?

All versions are working on both old3DS and New3DS.

Q. What is Mode 3?

Mode 3 is a version of BootNTR which will allows you to use NTR on games that use Extended Memory Mode on Old3DS (such as Pokémon Moon/Sun, Monster Hunter Generation, etc).

To use it, just launch the Mode 3 and when it tells you to press Home, you press Home and launch your game directly, without closing the Selector app.

Q. Does Mode 3 replace the Normal version, or do I need both?

Short answer: No and you need both.

This concerns only the Old3DS's users, not the users of the New3DS. You need both, because the Mode 3 is only for games using the Extended Memory Mode.

On others games, you need to launch the Normal version just like before.

Q. I'm running NTR 3.2 but it does find/load any plugin, why?

Be sure that the plugins you want to load are located in SD:/plugin/<titleID>/<pluginName>.plg.

Q. I used the custom path so why should I keep the plugins here?

Because the NTR 3.2 can't be patched so it keeps the defaults paths.

If you want to use a custom path use NTR 3.3 or 3.4.

Q. I have a ntr.bin file on the root of my SD, can I delete it?

This file is the 3.2 version.

You can delete it as long as you don't use this version.


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Known issues

V2.13.4 crashes with official Luma3DS, you can temporarily use the Luma3DS 3GX Loader build as a workaround until this issue is addressed.


v2.13.4 2020/11/23

  • Added 11.14 support.
  • Adapted code to latest ctrulib, no longer uses dma svcs to copy memory, so launching is way more stable.

v2.13.3 2019/12/17

  • Added 11.12 support.
  • Added Luma3DS v10.0.1 support.
  • Fixed Luma3DS Plugin Loader compatibility from 2.13.
  • Fixed Mode3 and 3dsx builds from 2.13.1.
  • Updated NTR v3.6 to v3.6.1:
    • Small improvement in the N3DS streaming code. (Uses Luma3DS PA -> VA memory mapping instead of DMA).

Revision changelog.


A huge thanks to beta testers chronoss, DaBlackDeath, itsRyan, Mega-Mew and SirBeethoven.

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