Cyanogen 3DS

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Cyanogen 3DS
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This project has been discontinued.?

Cyanogen3DS is a work in progress alternative GUI for the 3DS. It aims to act as a replacement homebrew launcher with its modernized UI and exclusive features. This project has been ported from CyanogenPSP - A project that aims to do the same, but on a different device (PlayStation Portable). The project is still heavily a work in progress, so please feel free to contribute or report any issues found within development builds.

- Implemented digital time and day/night widget.
- Includes battery status, which displays 20-100 in incremental of 20's and charging status.
- Implemented basic lock screen. Press L to activate and 'A' on the lock icon to unlock. That's all it does for now.
- Implemented navigation bar. Touching the back button on the bottom screen takes you back to a previous state. Touching the home button takes you home.
- Implemented Power menu. Press 'Y' will open the power menu.
- Implemented settings. Only certain functions work as of now, such as About, Performance -> Storage Management and Developer Options.
- Implemented About section which displays the following:
+ Current Cyanogen3DS Version along with compile date.
+ 3DS Model, region and Mac Address.
- Implemented Performance -> Storage Management which displays the following:
+ Displays SD storage and CTR NAND storage statuses
- Implemented Developer Options which lets you do the following:
+ Toggle Dark theme mode
+ Toggle experimental features. - This needs to be turned on to access some restricted features that are still heavily a work in progress. (These include the swap display toggle, file manager and other features under the hood.)
+ Switch display toggle (Doesn't work yet, but can be turned on after enabling experimental features. I'd advise you not to do since it has barely been touched).
- Fixed WiFi status. Now displays WiFi Status correctly in a range from NULL to 3 (Null, 0, 1, 2, 3)[/LEFT]
- Date and time is now displayed properly. This includes day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc) and date (1-28/29/30/31) and month.
- File checks have been fixed. Certain settings no longer resets upon reboot.
- Fixed missing backdrop asset in app drawer when dark theme is enabled.
- Slightly improved quick settings. It is currently disabled until it is fully fixed.
- Added model check for N3DS models. If detected performance boost will be enabled.
- Slightly improved speed by loading all fonts at start up, rather than loading and unloading in real time.
- Fixed many mis-alignment issues.
- Made many code clean ups and changes to improve overall stability.