List of 3DS homebrew demos

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Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
3DS Hello Dlang A 3DS homebrew example written in D!. Demos 2021 TheGag96 2021/09/18
3DSCameraExample An example for using the Nintendo 3DS camera with ctrulib. Demos 2015 MrNbaYoh 2015/11/13
badapple3ds Bad Apple PV on 3DS. Demos 1.1 Chromaryu (knight-ryu12) 2018/07/15
Batterycheck POC remake of an old PC platformer BatteryCheck. Demos 0.3.4 Alpha Archerite 2021/05/06
demo ou mourir Demo homebrew that showcase some 3DS special effects. Demos demo Desire 2015/11/21
Koopa Cruiser A really simple web browser for *hax 2.5. Demos 0.5 thejsa 2015/12/21
Mandelbrot Mandelbrot demo homebrew. Demos 2014 Snailface 2014/01/30
Mandelbrot set viewer 3DS homebrew Mandelbrot set viewer. Demos 2015 meladroit 2015/10/25
Metroid II Tech Demo for Metroid 2. Demos 20160324 jbr373 2016/04/07
Scanline Offset Shader A 3DS homebrew example program that implements a scanline offset / hblank effect with a geometry shader. Demos 1.0 TheGag96 2022/04/19
Skate Station A demo for the 3DS featuring music and 3D effects. Demos 2019 SVatG 2019/07/21
Undertale-tech demo WIP Undertale Techdemo. Demos v0.1.2-alpha lolzvid/kitlith 2016/08/18
VN3DS Visual Novel Interpreter. Demos 2015 dfsa3fdvc1 2015/09/06

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