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Last Updated2016/07/13

BootCTR9 is an ARM9 bootloader for the 3DS System. It's based on BootCTR and its configuration, but with some additional features.

It's for arm9loaderhax users only, but it should be possible to load it with any arm9payload loader, that allows the loading a payload from offset 0x0.


  • Boot ARM9 payloads (.dat and .bin).
  • Setting a delay to be able to press the payloads button after powering the 3DS on.
  • Setting a boot delay, between the selection of the payload and running it, which allows to press the button combinations for the payload.
  • Enabling and disabling of the screen.
  • Setting the screen brightness for BootCTR9 and the payloads.
  • Show splashscreens.
  • Show bootanimations (based on BootAnim9).
  • Detect softboots and skip the payload selection and splashscreen.
  • Path the payloads path in it's binary (currently only needed in LumaCFW).

User guide

For information about it and its usage official wiki page.

See also the Custom Splash Screens thread.



  • Support to configure the payloads screen brightness.
  • Configurable softboot features.
    • Fast softboot -> its now possible to automaticly load the latest payload that got loaded.
    • Softboot splash configuration -> it's now possible enable/disable the splash on softboots.
  • Support for top screen booanimations (compressed and uncompressed).
  • Automatic path patching for luma.
  • Support for a9lh netloader companion.
  • Support to use multiple framebuffers.
  • Boot passwords -> prevent other people from booting anything that's not the default payload.


  • Smealum and contributors for libctru.
  • Normmatt for sdmmc.c and .h, and also for .ld files and the log from XDS by ichfly that provided us some of the information needed to get screen init.
  • Christophe Devine for the SHA codes.
  • Archshift for i2c.c and .h.
  • Megazig for crypto.c and .h.
  • Patois for original BRAHMA code.
  • Smealum, Derrek, Plutoo for publishing the exploit.
  • Yellows8 and Plutoo as ideators of it.
  • 3dbrew community.
  • bilis/b1l1s for his screen init code, and work on inegrating it into stage 2.
  • dark_samus for work on integrating screen init into stage 2.
  • m45t3r for the base BootCTR version as .3dsx.
  • delibles for the base implementation of arm9loaderhax.

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