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Last Updated2021/05/12
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VNDS-LOVE is a cross platform program that plays Visual Novel Dual Screen formatted novels. Windows, Mac, Linux, and the Nintendo Switch are all fully supported (note that you need to have a Switch capable of running homebrew).

VNDS is a specification designed for visual novels in order to run them on the Nintendo DS. Many famous visual novels have been ported to this format, which only have a few commands. As such, they don’t have any support for animations, videos, or other fancier graphical capabilites of newer visual novels. They support basic audio and image based storytelling.

For Nintendo 3DS, it is only partially supported and a work in progress. At the moment the image format that the 3DS needs is custom (.t3x) so PNG/JPG files do not work on it without being converted. Text and audio still work fine without any conversion. Performance on the 3DS is also lacking at this moment.

Note: Many of the original sources for the VNDS no longer exist, but you can find further information on it at VNDS Wiki.


3DSX build is available, note that image format needs to be .t3x.

VNDS-LOVE installation guide.

Known issues

Only partially supported on 3DS. See this issues.



  • Fixes a bug (#35) related to text interpolation that was used in certain novels.
  • Fixed an issue with loading zipped folders on the 3DS platform, thanks @TurtleP for helping me debug that.


  • Fixed an issue reported by Mishima on Discord that was causing listbox to fail.
  • Better error handling for when a file isn't found.
  • Might fix #33 (comment), haven't testing on Switch personally yet.


  • Tried to fix audio crashing bug in #31.
  • Changed default rescaling to use linear as suggested in #32.
  • Trying to make sure that the font can't be nil at runtime to fix #33.


  • Added a settings menu
    • You can change values by using the left/right buttons, such as the audio/music percent.
  • Can change the audio settings for both music and sounds, closing #22.
  • Tries to use the default.ttf if it is provided in a novel, closing #25.
    • This can be overidden in the settings.
  • Fixed an issue with being able to close the save menu.


  • Added a menu. Access it by hitting the start button on a gamepad, or m(enu) with a keyboard. Close by hitting b (also b on keyboard).
  • Save slot support. You can now save and load from up to 10 slots per novel. This number is subject to increase in the future.
  • Ability to quit from within VNDS-LOVE! Open menu and then select quit.


  • Use the mime type of a file to decide how to open it (fixes Kanon).

Release notes.

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