VLR Safe Launcher 3DS

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VLR Safe Launcher

Virtue's Last Reward for Nintendo 3DS is affected by a critical bug: if you save during an Escape section (especially in the PEC room), the game could crash randomly and you could get the save data corrupted. There isn't any patch to fix this bug (Aksys has only changed the code of the eShop version of the game to prevent players to save in the PEC room). The best way to avoid to lose all of you progress is just to backup your data frequently; VLR Safe Launcher will help you to do it in the faster way.

How does VLR Safe Launcher work?

  1. At startup it will check if the title id of the cartridge inserted matches with the title id of Virtue's Last Reward (EUR, USA or JAP).
  2. If the title id of the cartridge doesn't match, it will check if Virtue's Last Reward (EUR, USA or JAP) is installed on the console.
  3. If it finds any copy of Virtue's Last Reward, it will backup the save data to the following path "SD:\VLR_SAFE_LAUNCHER\$REGION\$MEDIA TYPE\[email protected]_mm_ss".
  4. It will check the number of the backups; if it is greater than 30 (10 in the version for Gateway 3DS users, because the save file size is much bigger), it will delete the older backups.
  5. It will launch Virtue's Last Reward automatically.

To restore the save data, just start VLR Safe Launcher and keep R pressed on the Nintendo logo screen.

P.S. Use "VLRSafeLauncher (for Gateway 3DS users).cia" only if you use the red Gateway 3DS card to play to Virtue's Last Reward.

CREDITS: @JK_ for JKSM - JK's Save Manager (i've used part of his code to implement the functions to backup and to restore the save data). Everyone involved in ctrulib creation.

Update: To be safer, you could use the "Pec Patch" (a patch that forbids you to save in the PEC room during the "Escape Section") too: