List of 3DS PC utilities

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Utilities to help you load and manage homebrew from your PC.

Title Description Author
3SharpView 3DS A C# Viewer for 3Input. PhlexPlexico
3DSX Launcher Loader Tool to allow 3DSX homebrews launching as CIA on your 3DS. Rinnegatamante
3ds_browserhax_common_web 3DS ROP-chain-generator for Nintendo 3DS titles with some form of web-browser. MrNbaYoh
Boop 3DS Allows you to send your .cia and .tik files to your 3DS running FBI directly over your Wi-Fi LAN. miltoncandelero
ESP8266-ESP32 based StreetPass Relay 3DS Raw Packet Experiments on the ESP8266. cnlohr
ctr-streaming-server 3DS 3DS homebrew network server for playing media sent to it from other network devices, and HID reporting over the network. yellows8
ctr-wlanbeacontool 3DS Tool for parsing and generating 3DS local-WLAN beacons. yellows8
darctool 3DS Tool for extracting and building 3DS darc archive files. yellows8
ctr-gputextool 3DS 3DS GPU texture conversion tool. yellows8
CustomRGBPattern 3DS Change the default blue notification led color to some other color. hax0kartik
eShop analysis tool eShop analysis tool. d0k3
ropgadget_patternfinder 3DS Tool for locating patterns in (code) binaries, mainly for ROP addresses. yellows8
ncch_extractor 3DS Extract Nintendo 3DS NCCHs from a file. yellows8
NTR Plugin Manager 3DS It will allows you to edit Gateshark's text files and to easily convert them into plugins usable on the NTR CFW. Nanquitas
cuplist_tool 3DS Parser for the Nintendo 3DS cup_list file. yellows8
xorpad_tool 3DS Tool for XORing files, etc. yellows8
3ds_genconappid 3DS tool for generating the data from Cfg:GenHashConsoleUnique. yellows8
ctrgxtool 3DS 3DS tool for for parsing/etc GPU/GSP related data. yellows8
romfs_dumper 3DS Dump the filesystem from 3DS RomFS. yellows8
unprotboot9_sdmmc 3DS 3DS library for using the sdmmc code in the unprotected ARM9-bootrom. yellows8
3dsbootldr_fatfs 3DS Nintendo 3DS ARM9 bootloader for loading ARM9 and ARM11 binaries from the SD FAT filesystem. yellows8
layhistory_parser 3DS Parse 3DS PTM playhistory. yellows8
bootldr9_rawdevice 3DS 3DS ARM9-only bootloader, for loading a payload from raw sectors of multiple devices. yellows8
hotspotconf-tool 3DS Parser for the Nintendo 3DS NZone hotspot list yellows8
boot9_tools 3DS Tools for use with the Nintendo 3DS ARM9 bootROM. yellows8
3dscrypto-tools Tools for Nintendo 3DS crypto. yellows8
3ds_debugger 3DS 3DS app to debug 3DS applications via a network connection. TuxSH
libctr9 3DS Nintendo 3DS ARM9 disk-level IO library. TuxSH
3dstools 3DS 3Ds tools. TuxSH
tool-packages 3DS Tool packages. TuxSH
3ds_sm 3DS Open source replacement of the ARM11 SM system module TuxSH
citro2d 3DS Library for drawing 2D graphics using the Nintendo 3DS's PICA200 GPU. TuxSH
buildscripts devkitpro 3DS Scripts for building devkitPro toolchains TuxSH
3dslink 3DS 3dslink for 3ds. TuxSH
DevkitPro-pacman-packages 3DS All the libraries. TuxSH
Luma3DS GDB Host I-O code 3DS Library code + example to use GDB HIO in your applications, starting from Luma3DS's latest commit/ next release. TuxSH
firmtool 3DS A tool to parse, extract, and builds 3DS firmware files TuxSH
Project CTR 3DS ctrtool - updated version of neimod's ctrtool. 3DSGuy
cwavtool 3DS Command line tool to convert WAV/OGG files to (B)CWAV files. mariohackandglitch
Netstick 3DS Netstick client for Nintendo 3DS - turn your portable console into a Linux compatible WiFi gamepad! moslevin
Citric Composer 3DS A seful tools for editing Wii U and 3ds sound. Gota7 & Aqua-San
gbaxxdumper 3DS a DS Download Play-compatible (flashme/haxxstation) GBA cart dumper over Wi-Fi. RattletraPM
NTRViewer 3DS PC Viewer for NTR CFW's streaming feature. Please use Snickerstream instead. 44670
NDecrypt 3DS Cartridge encrypt/decrypt SabreTools
Reverse 3DS Miiverse clone framework, for 3DS and Wii U. rverseTeam
InputRedirectionClient-Qt 3DS 3DS Input Redirection Client - Extended Edition gbrown5
custom-install 3DS Installs a title directly to an SD card for the Nintendo 3DS. ihaveamac
devkitPro 3DS devkitPro currently provide 3 toolchains, devkitARM, devkitPPC and devkitA64 along with a number of support libraries. All of them are managed via pacman. devkitPro
splash-ds 3DS A web based splash screen creator for Luma! hpcodecraft
3DSExplorer 3DSExplorer can explore various 3DS-related files and view the information. Red_Gh0st
3DS Video GUI tool to convert videos for 3DS. SifJar
3DS Video Converter Another Convert your videos for 3DS tool. NekuSoul
3DSMovie converter Convert your videos for 3DS. spinal_cord
Gateway 3DS microSD Tool Manage microSD for Gateway 3DS. _Tim_
3DS_CTR_Decryptor-VOiD 3DS multitool thing. Relys
ExInjector 3DS Inject original exheaders into repacked roms. piratesephiroth
Theme Customization Tools 3DS This tools allows you to view/edit "body_LZ.bin" files, that contains 3DS theme data. Roxas75
3DS Lazy Revival of the fancy old ndstool DS Lazy GUI. hackotedelaplaqu
CgfxViewer 3DS CgfxViewer is a Viewer that Views CGFX models. planetarian
UpdateCDN 3DS Download 3DS FW contents, create installable cia. cearp
EditTMD 3DS edit tmd files cearp
Makerom GUI 3DS Makerom GUI that can give you options necessary to ouput CCI (.3ds ROMs) or CIA (installable .cia archives). pokemoner2500
sky3ds diskwriter python clone linux 3DS sky3ds diskwriter python clone (for linux & osx). lukas_2511
ROM namer for sky3ds diskwriter 3DS A small program that is to be placed in the same directory as DiskWriter , which retrieves the title of Roms on the internet. cormaltes
BRSTM-BCSTM Conversion Tool 3DS BRSTM/BCSTM/BFSTM Conversion Tool is an audio to BRSTM converter. nastys
Yet Another Theme Application 3DS WIP theme creator program. Reisyukaku
Custom Theme Cwavs 3DS A function of this simple program is to create a cwav data file from one or several sounds in .cwav/.bcwav format. xextil
3DS NAND SecureInfo Tool An easy 'SecureInfo_A' extraction/injection. Riku
3DS TO CIA - Katsu 3DS TO CIA by Katsu! liomajor
3DS Simple CIA Converter Another CIA converting tool. Riku
Nintendo darc tool 3DS This is a tool for modifying data-archive(darc) files using in Nintendo3DS games. LITTOMA
3DS Builder This is a program to convert romfs/exefs folders in windows (or pre-built binaries) and an extended header into a .3ds NCSD binary. SciresM
redTools 3DS RedTools is a tool that converts an emuNAND backup to a redNAND backup and vice versa. nastys
AGB_FIRM Signature Patcher - GBA ROM Converter 3DS This release consist of IPS patch for AGB_FIRM and ROM converting program. Riku
3DS CTR-NAND Manager A tool for extracting and injecting 3DS emuNAND/sysNAND FAT16 partition. Riku
NAND Inject Generator 3DS 3DS FBI CIA Manager NAND Inject Generator (JPN/USA/EUR/CHN/KOR/TWN). Riku
GBA VC Banner and Icon Generator 3DS A useful tool for creating the images that are needed for GBA VC cia creation. TheNerdWIzard
3DS Release Explorer An offline client for releases database. Ryogo
Ohana3DS tool The goal is to open/edit the common files used on 3DS games. gdkchan
3DS Toolkit A versatile program that people will be able to use for anything 3DS. fafaffy
3DS Rom Tools GUI frontend for extracting contents of 3ds games. Shadowtrance
Mobiclip Decoder 3DS Decoder for the Mobiclip video codec. Gericom
HANSHelper 3DS An extract exe-/romfs files dumped for example with braindump. VegaRoXas
CEED Mini 3DS A romfs and code dumper for HANS LITTOMA
SEED Utils 3DS Generate seedinfo.bin for rxTools and 3DS Multi Decryptor. LITTOMA
HANS Shortcut Generator 3DS A very easy to use program to create HANS shortcuts. Althir
ba-GUI-nnertool 3DS Create 2D/3D Banner, SMDH +++ with ba-GUI-nnertool. FONZD
CDN-FX 3DS The ultimate eShop Content Downloader! Ptrk25
CXLB Patcher 3DS CXLB Patcher is a very simple tool that i developed to help people to create and to apply patches. lucaboy
BCSTM to WAV converter 3DS Front-end for VGMStream, which batch converts Nintendo 3DS BCSTM audio files into PCM WAV. Housey
FunKeyCIA 3DS Python tool for downloading content from CDN, uses only a title id and title key, or keyfile, to make a good cia. cearp
DTK 3DS TitleKeybin viewer and CDN downloader. justync7
Just another 3DS to CIA converter Just another 3DS to CIA converter for Linux and Windows. drizztbsd
3DS Data Tools Tools for extracting and packing resources found in 3DS games. ObsidianB
DarcTool3DS 3DS compress and decompress tool. Asia81
AR2GW 3DS A tool who can convert AR offset to GW offset. ZoNtendo
FBI Ticket Installer 3DS A web based eShop ticket QR code generator for FBI. Shuttleu
CIA Video Injection 3DS This tool is injecting a .moflex file in decrypted video .cia file. TheGreek Boy
Ultimate GBC VC Injector 3DS It takes a Color Gameboy backup file and converts it to an installable CIA for your 3DS with CFW. Asdolo
Simple 3DS GBA Banner - Icon generator 3DS It guesses the game of the GBA ROM and generates the icon and banners for you! natinusala
Gateshark2NTR 3DS A piece of soft will allows you to "convert" a Gateshark's cheats text file in a plugin usable with NTR. Nanquitas
Ultimate GB VC Injector 3DS A Gameboy (non color) backup file and converts it to an installable CIA for your 3DS with CFW. Asdolo
Ultimate Game Gear VC Injector 3DS A Game Gear backup file and converts it to an installable CIA for your 3DS with CFW. Asdolo
Ultimate NES VC Injector 3DS A NES backup file and converts it to an installable CIA for your 3DS with CFW. Asdolo
Ultimate GBA VC Injector 3DS A GBA backup file and converts it to an installable CIA for your 3DS with CFW. Asdolo
Ultimate T16-PCE VC Injector 3DS A TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine backup file and converts it to an installable CIA for your 3DS with CFW. Asdolo
Ultimate Web Forwarder Maker 3DS It creates a CIA file which launch the 3DS Web Browser at a specific Website. Asdolo
Net 3DS Soundtrack Converter 3DS Converts sound files of 3DS games into portable soundtracks. evandixon
SEEDChecker 3DS SEEDChecker is a Java tool that can periodically check if a SEED is available for a certain 3DS title. Favna
DS ROM Patcher 3DS Sky Editor's ROM patcher for NDS and 3DS ROMs. evandixon
Ultimate SNES VC Injector 3DS A Windows tool that will make the SNES injection process much easier and customizable. Asdolo
Ultimate GEN-MD Forwarder Maker 3DS A Windows tool for creating Sega Genesis/Mega Drive forwarders to the Home Menu. Asdolo
3DS Mii Edit Tool Edit your Miis right on your PC! Fernando51
MakeROMFS-GUI 3DS Blazing fast ROMFS building for Linux (and Windows 10) YamiHoshi
Ultimate SNES Forwarder Maker 3DS A Windows tool for creating SNES forwarders to the Home Menu. Asdolo
NTRCCompiler 3DS Cheats maker. David Zocchi
Yet another sarc tool 3DS A new simple archive tool. LITTOMA
IPS Merger tool 3DS IPS Merger tool. GizmoTheGreen
GodHand - Japanese Game Translator 3DS Japanese Game Translator. Insight2k
Neo-Geo Forwarder Creator 3DS Make independent retroarch cias for your favorite Neo-Geo games. Sakitoshi
3DS Title Manager Manage your 3ds titles! TheMachinumps
Every File Explorer 3DS 3DS A tool for managing files inside SARC archives. PabloMK7
Hydroseed 3DS export seeddbbin to dat files metaboss
Gateway To NTR Converter 3DS A convert Gateshark codes to NTR. DarkFlare69
Yata online 3DS Online 3ds theme editor. exelix11
14336 3DS A simple calculator that supports your music hack life. saburou
3DS ARM Assembly Cheat Creator A tool for creating more complex 3DS Cheat Codes. Fishguy6564
ctrcdnfetch 3DS Tool to download 3DS eshop content after 11.8. luigoalma
Kame Editor 3DS 3DS Theme Editor for non-Windows Users! Tychon
Gateway RAM Tools 3DS Used for converting RAM dumps to raw RAM dumps. xJam-es
CHX-File Creator 3DS In bubble2k16's emulators for the 3DS you can use cheats. They are stored in the CHX-File Format. Computer_Freak_2004
Local CIA server with QR codes 3DS Creates a web page listing from user-provided CIAs. elmerohueso
Citra CXI Maker 3DS Convert and update your 3ds/cci/cia/cxi files to stripped, region-free, unencrypted cxi files for usage in Citra emulator. eqagunn
CTRInfo 3DS Application that reads information from a CIA just like FBI, but on Windows! TimmSkiller
BrewShop 3DS An alternative to tinydb. BrewShop
3DS Portlibs Here is a Makefile for building various portlibs for 3DS. Cruel
CDNTool 3DS CDN Nintendo's servers title downloader (as CIA). XorTroll
IRdA 3DS IRdA - InputRedirection client for Android Sono
Unified NTR Viewer and Input Redirection program 3DS A feature packed alternative to ntrViewer, kitkat, SnickerStream, and input redirection programs. JennaScvl
LemonLime 3DS 3DS LLE emulator. ctrninja
Offline 3DS ROM Decryption Tool This is Nintendo 3DS ROM Decryptor Python based tool, which even works offline. Mainly made for Citra. Smash73
3DS to CIA 3DS to CIA converter. tygamer
3DS Theme Editor Another alternative for Custom Theme Creators. usagirei
Lazy Man 3DS Theme Generator 3DS Theme creator. Jayenkai
tinydb 3DS a TitleDB replacement. zoogie
PC FBI Server 3DS PC FBI Server is a tool for Windows with Python that can send a CIA file over the wifi. DD2XAlpha
Homebrew Source code to CIA 3DS Program that will convert source code for homebrew to a CIA. Lebster
CTRTool GUI 3DS GUI for CTRTool in the NDS. DylanWedman
Video Channels Creator 3DS Windows program to make custom CIA videos for Nintendo 3DS Home Menu. rinnegatamante
C64 games online forwarder creator 3DS A little online tool that will let you create independent Vice3DS CIAs for your favorite C64 games. Badda
HackingToolkit9DS 3DS CIA|CXI Files. Asia81
3DSavetool 3DS PC Tool to save 3ds. Very old tool. crediar
SmileBASIC server clone 3DS A clone of SmileBOOM's SmileBASIC servers. Trinitro21
RomFS Explorer 3DS RomFS file explorer and dumper. Ryuzaki-MrL
SLIDE 3DS Lua Integrated Development Environment for 3DS! Robomandude
NTRDB 3DS NTR plugin for a majority if Nintendo 3DS games. MartorSkull
HzMod 3DS old3DS screen streaming Sono
kit-kat-slim 3DS A Slimmed fork of the Mega 3DS Toolkit Chain by Homepage: gameincanada
kit-kat (Toolkit-kat) 3DS kit-kat (Toolkit-kat) is a FREE Wireless Capture-card to stream your 3DS screen to your PC! Drakal
kit-kat 3DS MEGA toolkit chain with many useful features like Streaming, Pushing files to the 3DS wirelessly, Input Redirection, HostedNetwork Automation, And many many more. jpmac26
Nitrostream 3DS Built on NTRDebugger to allow easy screencasting from the 3DS. JakeHL
Batch CIA 3DS Decryptor A simple batch file to decrypt CIA & 3DS! matiffeder
villain3ds Download 3DS games to your PC as .cia files. tranxuanthang
TricksterGuy - 3ds-template Template Project for Code::Blocks for developing 3ds homebrew TricksterGuy
amaredeus - 3DSBuildTemplate 3DS Homebrew build template. amaredeus
Steveice10 - BuildTemplate 3DS Template for buildtools projects. Steveice10
romFS Builder 3DS This is a program to convert a folder in windows into a 3DS RomFS binary. For use with makerom. SciresM
ARCode Cheat Finder 3DS Simple tool for finding cheat codes for ARCode. raulbojalil
TinydbDownloader 3DS A python script to easily download apps from tinydb. AlbertCoolGuy
Modified build-py for GNU - Linux 3DS Development Tomiga
Howling Theme Tool 3DS Create your own CIA theme packages with Custom and Official themes Chelsea_Fantasy
cuteNTR 3DS cuteNTR is intended to be a cross platform debugger and streaming client for

NTR CFW for 3DS.

Pokemon Virtual Console Patches 3DS Debug Menu, Speed Up, Full Screen. zaksabeast
fs3ds A rust library to access the romfs of unencrypted 3ds file without decompression. marius851000
3DS CWAV Dumper dump CWAV file format. TeamFail
ctroller 3DS Use your 3DS as a gamepad for your GNU/Linux PC phijor
3DS Multi Decryptor Decrypts and creates XORPads for game's ROM files and SD card files. (Previously named 3DS CTR Decryptor) Relys
Spider3DSTools 3DS Tools to work with 3DS 9.x Spider exploit yifanlu
BootCtr9 3DS 3DS ARM9 code execution at boot hartmannaf
3DS_Homebrew Sample app with basic libraries for 3DS nop90
ctrulib 3DS C library for writing user mode arm11 code for the 3DS (CTR) smealum
Python Tools 3DS 3DS python tools naehrwert
NKStreamer 3DS NKStreamer is a tool using for stream PC desktop screen (or windows) to 3DS with input. You can use it for play video, play game. namkazt
SF2DLIB 3DS Simple and Fast 2D library for the Nintendo 3DS (using ctrulib and citro3d) TricksterGuy
ctru-rs 3DS A collection of crates for developing 3DS homebrew in Rust. rust3ds
cuteNTR-OSX 3DS Fork of cuteNTR by BoltsJ to provide native NTR streaming for Max OSX users. EBLeifEricson
pp2d 3DS Graphic rendering helper to use with libctru and citro3D. wrathsoffire76
Pretendo 3DS Information on the WIP Custom Nintendo WiiU/3DS/2DS server and service replacements PretendoNetwork
exec_3dsx [For Developers]meepingsnesroms/exec_3dsx A 1 function way to add .cia and .3dsx launching to you homebrew.(Designed for RetroArchs core launching system) meepingsnesroms
m3diaLib 3DS A C++ library for easier homebrew development for the Nintendo 3DS m3diaLib-Team
Ninfs 3DS FUSE filesystem Python scripts for Nintendo console files. ihaveamac
ACNL Spotpass File Creator 3DS POC Custom Spotpass File Creator for ACNL. Slattz
New Super Ultimate Injector 3DS Virtual Console injects for any retro game you want. eiphax
BAX 3DS Boot animations for your 3DS. Just that. Wolfvak
Advanced Badge Editor 3DS Lets you edit badges. Extremely customizable as it lets you edit sets, create sets, delete sets, etc. TheMachinumps
Save3DS Extract/Import/FUSE for 3DS save/extdata/database. Rewriting 3dsfuse-ex in rust wwylele
3DS Save File Extraction Tools Tools to extract 3DS format save file. For richer functionality, use Save3DS wwylele
DotNet 3ds Toolkit Extract and Repack 3DS ROMs (and CIAs). evandixon
PS1 Forwarder Creator 3DS Play ps1 games on your 3ds Sakitoshi
SDL-3DS SDL 1.2 for 3DS. nop90
MiiShop 3DS Manages a basic 3DS backup file library and creates pages for each game, with QR code to reload your own games. Requires your 3DS to be altered, and able to run FBI. Engarak
Forwarder CIAs for your HOME Menu 3DS Launching full DS games like digital titles in your 3DS HOME Menu! Robz8
The SMDH Creator 3DS The SMDH Creator, make your own icon pack! link6155
Snickerstream 3DS Unified NTR and HzMod streaming client for the 3DS RattletraPM
CTR Streaming Server 3DS 3DS homebrew network server for playing media sent to it from other network devices, and HID reporting over the network.

Build from repo.

SMS2 Backup Master Back up save for SMS2. Dr. Neo
coNTRoller-overlay Display 3DS controller inputs via NTR debugging information zed0
3DS ROM Tool ROM trimming and un-trimming. 3DSGuy
005Tools Allows backing up and restoring save games for 3DS/DSi/DS game cards using a device such as the R4i Save Dongle. McHaggis
3DS Update Checker This program retrieves the latest 3DS System Version from Nintendo's CDN. 3DSGuy
3DS Video Video converter for 3DS. SifJar
3DSaveTool 3DSaveTool can be used to find the XOR key used for encryption and use it to encrypt/decrypt EEPROM savefiles of 3DS games. sniper3d
3DSMovie Video converter for 3DS. spinal_cord
3DS_IconDecrypter It is now possible to dump 3DS Game Icons (those icons that show on the home menu) directly from your 3DS. 3DSGuy
Gateway 3ds Mac OS 3DS SD Imager Tool Trim for mac. demelza
SMS2 Backup Master - Backup 3DS ROMs/Saves YOU NEED A SMS2 FOR THIS TO WORK! CollosalPokemon
Win32 Disk Imager This program is designed to write a raw disk image to a removable device or backup a removable device to a raw image file. how_do_i_do_that