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Last Updated2021/05/06
Version0.3.4 Alpha

This is a work in progess 3DS remake of an old PC platformer BatteryCheck by Archerite.

The original game was developed in 1998 by &ranj for a non-profit organization. It was part of a campaign to promote recycling batteries in Netherland, where one can obtain the game for free by bringing in 15 batteries for reycling. As a result, over 200,000 copies were given during a short amount of time.

The goal of this homebrew project is to support multiple platforms including Linux, Wii, Gamecube, 3DS and PSP. As of the latest version 0.3.4 Alpha, the 3DS port is more of a POC demo and requires the original game to run.


Note: This is an experimental build that works as an installer to run the game on the 3DS, which requires you to have the original game.

Download the original game here (link no longer works, July 2021 update).

Copy the 12MB setup.exe to the root of your SD card.

Run batterycheck-3ds-v0.3.4-ALPHA.3dsx with Homebrew Launcher (either copy it to the SD card or use 3dslink).

The text based installer will unpack the required files from the ZIP file and put them in the right place.

When the installer is done click Start or Home to exit.

You should now see the Batterycheck 3DS - Preview entry in Homebrew Launcher which is the now installed game.

If you have already installed the game using version 0.3 (requires, instead of setup.exe), then just copy the 3dsx attached onto your SD card. It should find the game files and work fine.

User guide

The goal was simple: collect batteries and keep up the energy level of Battery Man, the protagonist of the game.

To do so, a player needed to help Battery Man navigate through the world of batteries, lifts, production lines and basins in which he was obnoxiously chased by Energy-suckers – little monsters who sucked out all of his energy if you didn’t pay enough attention.

And of course, at the end of the game the big boss awaited him: Battery Boss. Who was only beatable by collecting special, carefully hidden batteries.


Up - Energy increase and linked to the Full and Empty counters (debug)

Down - Energy decrease and linked to the Full and Empty counters (debug)

Left/Right - Walk to the left/right

A/B - Jump

Y - Fall through the floor in case you get stuck in a wall (debug)

X - Walk in the air while pressed (debug) L/R - Texture swap Gameplay/Collision map (debug)

Start - Exit to HBL


Prototype of script performing "Sprite dicing" (Archerite)


Tested by the author on O3DS, O3DS XL, O2DS, N3DS XL and N2DS XL (with BS9 and rosalina v2.0.0 on the latest System Firmware 11.9.0-42E).


v0.3.4 Alpha

  • One way platforms are working perfectly.
  • Batteries can be collected without counting them multiple times.
  • Except super batteries. Sometimes they don't get counted.
  • There was a surprise added to v0.3.4 on the PS2....unfortunately it's not working on the 3DS.

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