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Video player
Last Updated2022/09/21
TypeMedia players

Homebrew video player for the 3DS. It supports English, Japanese and Hungarian/Magyar. On NEW 3(2)DS, it is recommended to use patched Luma3DS for better performance.


  • Hardware accelerated decoding (New 3DS or New 2DS only).
  • Hardware accelerated color conversion.
  • Multiple video codec support(MPEG4, H.264, H.265, Motion Jpeg).
  • Multiple audio codec support (mp1, mp2, mp3, ac3, aac, ogg, pcm audio).
  • Seek.
  • 3D video (New 3DS or 3DS only, software decoder only).
  • Zoom in/out video.
  • Move video.
  • File explorer.
  • Multiple languages (English, Japanese and Hungarian/Magyar by vargaviktor).

User guide


Software decoding
Old 3DS 256x144 (144p) @ 30fps (H.264)
New 3DS 640x360 (360p) @ 24fps (H.264)
Hardware decoding
New 3DS 854x480 (480p) @ 40~50fps (H.264)

Supported codec

Video Audio
Motion jpeg mp1 (MPEG audio layer 1)
MPEG4 (MPEG4 part2) mp2 (MPEG audio layer 2)
H.264 (MPEG4 part10) mp3 (MPEG audio layer 3)
H.265 (HEVC) ac3
aac (Advanced audio coding)
ogg (Vorbis)
pcm audio

How to watch 3D video

This feature is for new 3DS or 3DS only, software decoder only.

To see 3D video as 3D, enable 3D mode in settings (Settings> LCD> Screen mode> 3D).


A - Play, Pause

B - Stop

Y - Debug

X - Select file

R/L - Zoom in/out

D-Pad/Circle Pad - Move video

Touch the bar - Seek


v1.5.2 2022/09/21


  • Ignore unsupported codec so that you can play supported codec only (e.g. You can now play videos that contain unsupported subtitles/audio)

Fixed bugs

  • Hardware decoder won't play videos that contain B-frames smoothly has been fixed (It means you don't have to care about B-frames when encoding to H.264 videos)

On NEW 3(2)DS, it is recommended to use patched Luma3DS for better performance.

v1.5.1 2022/07/14

Added features

  • Screen update frequency in audio only files have been increased
  • Performance has been improved by adding DMA
  • Video playback is automatically paused when runs out of buffer
  • (You can change threshold by changing 'Restart playback threshold' settings)
  • Seeking speed has been improved


  • Disallow sleep when only headset is connected
  • (allow sleep if headset is disconnected during playback)
  • App directory has been changed from sdmc:/Video_player/ to sdmc:/3ds/Video_player/
  • (App will automatically move folder)
  • Simplified Chinese(简体中文) translation has been updated
  • Enabled 'correct aspect ratio option' by default

Fixed bugs

  • Crashes in hw decoder in some videos have been fixed
  • Automatically enter full screen mode even file explorer is opened has been fixed
  • App will freeze if you seek after EOF has been fixed
  • Unable to pause/resume in tagged mp3 has been fixed
  • Video position won't be saved in some cases have been fixed
  • Glitch on video in full screen mode has been fixed
  • Some directories can't be entered have been fixed
  • Some videos won't be played at correct speed has been fixed
  • Frame desync in some 3D videos have been fixed

v1.5.0 2022/03/29

  • Subtitles have been supported (*0).
  • Disable video, audio and subtitle have been added.
  • Audio desync has been fixed.
  • AV1 videos have been supported.
  • The problem some video won't play smoothly in sw decoder has been fixed.
  • Screen brightness adjustment function has been added (DPAD "↑" and "↓").
  • Other minor changes.
  • 0 No style support, only plain text.

v1.4.2 2022/01/09

  • Unexpected touch in Nintendo's home menu has been fixed.
  • Multi-threaded decoding stability has been fixed and it is enabled by default.
  • Seeking stability has been fixed.
  • Repeat, in order, random playback mode have been added.
  • Other minor changes.

v1.4.1 2021/12/11

  • The "FSUSER_OpenFile() failed" error has been fixed.
  • Adjusted font and button size in settings menu.
  • Multi-threaded decoding is disabled by default because it has stability problem.
  • Polish(Polski) translation has been added (by JustScratchCoder).

v1.4.0 2021/10/25

  • Decoded image(raw) buffer has been added and it makes playback much much much much better (especially on OLD3DS).
  • Spanish(español) translation has been added (by Cookiee).
  • Romanian(Română) translation has been added (by Tescu48).

v1.3.1 2021/08/28

  • Volume adjustment has been added (from 0% to 999%).
  • Direction pad seeking has been added (from 1 second to 99 seconds).
  • Hungarian (magyar) translation has been added (by vargaviktor).
  • Other minor changes.

Release notes.


  • Core 2 Extreme.
  • dixy52-beep (icon, banner, in app texture).
  • windows-server-2003 (bug fix).
  • vargaviktor (hungarian translation).
  • HIDE810 (bug fix).

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