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Drider is a epub reader for the Nintendo 3ds. In order to run it you will need a way to run homebrew applications on your 3ds. It is written in Lua using Rinnegatamante's [Lua Player Plus 3ds]. Drider has a few limitations:

  • It does not support css or any kind of inline styling, such as <b> or <i> tags.
  • It doesn't handle non-ascii text well. If you're reading a utf-8 encoded book then it tries to translate some of the most common symbols to ascii equivalents, but the conversion is incomplete so mojibake is common.
  • Text rendering on the 3ds is not very good so you will see plenty of bad kerning.
  • Drider can crash with books that contain large images. If the images are not important then consider disabling them (x button at the book select screen). Despite these issues, Drider can actually be used to read things! It works best on text-heavy, low-formatting books such as novels. Put your ebooks in a folder called books at the root of your sd card.



  • Up and Down on the d-pad or circle-pad to choose a book to read.
  • A button to select the book.
  • X button to toggle loading of images.
  • Start button to exit.
  • Home button to return to the Home menu (cia-only). Reading:
  • Up and Down on the d-pad or circle-pad to scroll. You can also drag the touch screen.
  • Left and Right on the d-pad to switch pages.
  • A button to bookmark a page. Press A again on the same page to unbookmark it. If an ebook has a page bookmarked then drider will jump to that page when you load the ebook. Only one page can be bookmarked at a time per ebook.
  • Tap an image on the touchscreen to view it more closely.
  • Start button to exit.
  • Select button to go back to the book selection.
  • Home button to return to the Home menu (cia-only). Image viewing:
  • Circle-pad will pan across the image.
  • Up and Down on the d-pad will zoom in and out respectively.
  • B button to return to the page you were reading.
  • Start button to exit.
  • Home button to return to the Home menu (cia-only).

Building and Installing

The Makefile provided is for a unix-like system. You will need to have the [3dstool], [bannertool], and [makerom] utilities available on your $PATH and then you can just type make. This will produce a drider.cia and a 3ds folder in the build directory. Homebrew Launcher users should install the 3ds directory to the root of their sd card. Cia users can install the cia file. [Lua Player Plus 3ds]: "lpp-3ds" [3dstool]: [bannertool]: [makerom]: