Lua Red 3DS

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Lua Red
Author(s) noahc3
Type Other Apps
Version v1.5
Licence Mixed
Last Updated 2017/04/09
Website Website
Download Download
Source Source

Supported platforms

  • New 3DS
  • Mac / Linux / Windows

IRC chat

#luared on freenode


For both platforms, you must supply your own symfile and ROM and place them in the rom directory (create it if it does not exist). The symfile must have the same basename as the rom. So, for example, if your ROM was named, your symfile must be named example.sym.

New 3DS

  1. Be on Mac or Linux
  2. Install LuaJIT
  3. Install devkitARM and ctrulib
  4. Install aite
  5. Run aite 3ds

Then, copy build/luared.3dsx, build/luared.smdh, the lua folder, and the res folder to the /3ds/luared folder on your SD card.

Mac / Linux / Windows

  1. Compile this mGBA edit and then copy libmgba.dll or or libmgba.dylib (depending on your OS) to deps/lib/love/ in this repo. Create the directories if they don't exist.
  2. Install LuaJIT
  3. Install zlib
  4. Windows: Put this .dll in deps\lib\love
  5. Install LOVE (0.10.2 or newer)
  6. Install aite
  7. Run aite love

Open the LOVE executable with the repo directory to run it.