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Last Updated2017/09/09
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NKStreamer is a tool for streaming PC desktop screen (or windows) to 3DS with input. You can use it for play video and game.

Note: Deprecated - Use Pinbox.

User guide


  • Server - ScreenCaptureLite, EVQQ
  • Client - sf2d

How to use:

  • Config server: in root folder of server have server.cfg file. Inside it have port config. Enter yours or keep it as default (1234).
  • After running the server it will list a list of IP address. Please select 1 (normally it will be the last IP).
  • Start the app, enter IP and port and press connect.

Note: To have a good experience, you need a mid to high-end wireless router with a good wireless connection.


NKStreamer v0.5.5 (Nam Nguyễn)

NKStreamer v0.5.1 - Playing Stardew Valley in 3DS (Nam Nguyễn)



  • Add mutex for process data (that is the main cause crash on server).
  • Fix circle pad data read.
  • Add config for mouse support in profile.
  • Implement libconfig to save configable variables.
  • Mouse support:
    • If mouse support = false -> circle pad using as d-pad.
    • If mouse support = true -> circle pad using as mouse (ZL and ZR become mouse left and right - new 3ds only).
  • Change profile at runtime (from 3ds client).


  • Fix minor bugs and some critical bug on server.
  • Rewrite Input handler.
  • [Movie Mode] is not stable and slow (please do not use it if you do not want to get a crash).
  • Mouse is added but it not working as i expected so just leave it here to testing.
  • Message: Video mode is abit low frame rate (im trying to improve it in next version).



  • Fix some crash bug on server.
  • Fix freeze bug on threads (mostly done with it).
  • Add some new configable option:
    • Threads number: number of thread will run (select your self depend on your device).
    • Frame Quality: image quality (10 to 100).
    • Streaming Mode: Movie stream or Game Stream.
    • Split frame mode: [Not active for now].


    • Fix memory leak on capture frame.
    • Fix some unstable method
    • Add Split frame mode.


  • UI revamp.
  • Demo new virtual keyboard input.


  • Fix possible crash on client.
  • Add mutex . texture drawing now thread-safe.
  • Improve streaming.


  • Fix bugs on server and client cause crash (not all, still have some bugs).
  • Edit UI, add new stream button. Connect now do not auto matic stream video (but input do).
  • Add Input Redirection and config.


  • Add monitor index in config file. Used to capture monitor.


  • Server: Port config.
  • UI: IP Input.
  • Rework on socket thread system that allow easy config for multi thread or not (but seem like multi socket thread is not much better than 1).
  • Add option : Movie stream and Game Stream (currently hard code to test Mixed mode (between Movie stream and GameStream).


  • Add Theading for SocketManager.
  • Add Webp ( not implement yet ) it seem like better quality and smaller.
  • Note: FPS can be more on good wifi device.


  • Completely rewrite server from Golang to C++.

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