HexEditor 3DS

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HexEditor v0.25 Update : A new version of the HexEditor is available !


v0.25: - Writing a file is much much faster - The file browser now supports folders having more than 29 files - Moving the cursor in the file browser doesn't refresh the whole bottom screen anymore - More information on screen while opening a file

v0.1: - Initial Release

Hello everybody, I am new here, this is my first post for my first homebrew on the 2DS/3DS. I was looking for my first homebrew to program so I decided to write an hex editor : it's interesting to write it and I think it can be useful for you.


  • Browse sdcard
  • Edit a file
  • Save a modified file (might take a while if the file is big)

How to edit a file: From the browser, use the D-Pad to navigate between files/folders and press A to select. Then the editor will open the file (can take a moment if the file is big). You will be able to naviguate throught the bytes with the pad and edit the values thanks to the small keyboard on the bottom screen.

Go to address: On the hex editor, you can go directly to a given address. To do so, press X and then enter the address with the virtual keyboard. To validate the address, just press A. To cancel, press X again, the small window will disappear.

Exit to homebrew launcher: Press Select to return to the launcher. WARNING, the file won't be saved if you exit ! So save the file before exiting (with Start button) Screenshots: Homescreen: [?IMG] [?IMG]

editor: [?IMG] [?IMG]

goto window: [?IMG]

Known bugs: A lot, in both file browser and the editor itself. I am still woking on it, it's only a kind of preview.

THANKS TO: Big thanks to all the developers who created libctru, homebrew launcher, *hax... Well, 3DS hack.

This is still a BETA If you have any suggestion, feel free to tell me