NDS-controller 3DS

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Link to Android host App


NDS-controller is a client app for the Nintendo DS that allows the DS to connect to an Android device over WiFi and to function as an input device. The main use case is controlling emulators: most emulated real-time games tends to be a pain to play on a touch screen and greatly benefit from being played on a gamepad. Sure, a Bluetooth gamepad only costs like $50, but the Nintendo DS that is gathering dust in your closet is free! I started this project long ago, shelved it after losing interest and un-shelved it after buying a 3DS. The NDS version started as an exercise in making something pretty and functional, but I lost interest before it became functional. I decided to skip the "pretty" step in the 3DS version and got it working first. The "pretty" may come at some later time.


  • ☒ Create some sort of connection wizard
  • ☒ Make it pretty
  • ☒ Enable connecting to a WiFi network
  • ☒ Create an Android keyboard that accepts network packets as input
  • ☒ Translate NDS input to network packets and send them to Android device
  • ☒ Write a 3DS version
  • ☐ Make that 3DS version pretty
  • ☐ Add analog support for the 3DS o-pad
  • ☐ Add a proper options menu to configure the input
  • ☒ Open-source it all NOTE: A flashcart or CFW is required on your (3)DS!


NDS: Build the client into a .nds file using devkitARM or download it here. Run it using the compatible homebrew-/flashcard of your choice. Follow the instructions on-screen to connect it to the same WiFi network your phone is on (a tethered hotspot is fine too). Run the NDS-controller app on your Android device and follow the instructions from there. 3DS: Build the client using devkitARM or download it from here. Install it using your preferred method. Run the app in Android, match your 3DS client to the IP address displayed on the screen and follow the instructions on the Android app. 3DS .cia link, scan in FBI to install: [QR v1.2.0]