Halo Revamped 3DS

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Halo Revamped
AuthorTCPixel, modified by CollinScripter
Last Updated2017/08/06
Version1.1 & 1.11
[1.1 & 1.11 Download]

Halo Revamped is a Halo Style Quake Mod using ctrQuake.


Note: V1.1 is for N3DS only. For O3DS, use V1.11 (modified by CollinScripter).

Both versions are available in 3DSX and CIA formats.

  • CIA - Install the .cia with the CIA manager of your choice.
  • 3DSX - Use the .3dsx provided with the Homebrew Launcher.


L - Jump

R - Shoot

D-Pad Up - Next Weapon

D-Pad Down - Previous Weapon

A/B/X/Y - Camera controls

Circle Pad - Movement

C-Stick - Camera controls (N3DS only)


halorevamped3ds3.png halorevamped3ds4.png

halorevamped3ds5.png halorevamped3ds6.png

halorevamped3ds7.png halorevamped3ds8.png


Halo Revamped 3DS Version 1.1 Trailer + Download (TCPixel)

Halo Revamped 3DS Update (TCPixel)

Halo Revamped 3DS - Swat Gamemode Showcase (TCPixel)

Halo Revamped 3DS Firefight Trailer (TCPixel)

Known issues

  • Plasma Rifle was never finished in game, don't pick it up.
  • Geometry sometimes turns black.
  • Firefight sometimes crashes (narrowed down the issue, trying to fix).


V1.11 (by CollinScripter)

  • O3DS support is back.
  • Added a option to disable 3D.
  • A proper CIA build.
  • More stuff.

V1.11 beta (by CollinScripter)

  • Added O3DS compatibility.
  • CIA Building.
  • Git commit version is on the main menu.
  • Fixed differing version numbers.
  • Other Misc Changes.

V1.1 (by TCPixel)

  • Added Firefight mode + 3 Maps.
  • Doubled ram available to the game.
  • Added several new maps.
  • Doubled player count from 4 to 8.
  • Revamped specific controls are now bindable in the options.
  • Map Preview Pictures.
  • New Background.
  • Now standalone from CTRQuake(Can have both games simultaneously).
  • Compiled Cia.
  • Other Misc Changes.


  • Tevin Dahl (TCPixel) - Halo Revamped Mod.
  • Flaming Ice - Halo Solitude.
  • Felipe Izzo (MasterFeizz) - ctrQuake developer.
  • Rinnegatamante - Sound enhancements.

Thanks to:

  • Id Software - Source code of Quake.
  • Smealum and other developers of libctru.
  • TuxSH, J-D-K, PabloMK7.

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